Vitamin Patch Club – Review? Vitamin Subscription + Coupon!

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Wear Your Vitamins!

Vitamin Patch Club is now available! This subscription costs $34.95 per month, and includes a 30-day vitamin patch supply.

Designed to deliver the best vitamins in a more efficient and effective way, at Vitamin Patch Club we use transdermal technology (through the skin) to deliver 3x more vitamins than you get with pills. But more than that Vitamin Patch Club believes that it’s our responsibility to give back and help everyone we can. That’s why we support 3 charitable initiatives each month, as well as providing a healthy blog to the online community.

DEAL:  Get 15% off on all subscription orders! Just use this link to subscribe, no coupon needed. Plus, FREE shipping on all $50+ orders!

Here’s how it works:

  • Find a place on your skin with little to no hair to put on your patch.
  • The vitamins will enter through your hair follicles.
  • Then absorb into your circulatory system.
  • The vitamins will migrate to your heart
  • After reaching the heart, they will distribute through your entire body. Allowing you to absorb 90% of nutrients
  • You can wear your patches from 4-8 hours, day or night

Here are the benefits:

Vitamin Patch Club Patches are ORGANIC, VEGAN, NON-GMO, and ADDITIVE FREE. Receive the best for your health through our patches. By wearing our vitamin patches, you get to feel your physical and mental best. Since the vitamins absorb directly into your bloodstream once they pass through your skin, the effects are practically instant. Our proprietary transdermal patch technology makes all capsules, pills, tablets, and softgels old-fashioned, unnecessary, even obsolete!.

  • COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY We are 100% transparent with our products. No BS ever!
  • WATER & SWEAT RESISTANT Wear them while you work out, throughout your day and even while you sleep.
  • MAXIMUM ABSORPTION Patches will distribute through your entire body. Allowing you to absorb 90% of essential vitamins.
  • OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE Patches will help you reach optimal health and wellness.

Here are the patches available:

  • ENERGIZE PATCH (B12/B6/B9) Improves Energy, Improves Metabolism, Reduces Anxiety and Depression
  • BEAUTY PATCH (B7) Healthier Hair, Skin, and Nails, Increases Metabolism, Improves Cardiovascular
  • WELLNESS PATCH (D3&C) Improves Immunity, Improves Bone and Teeth Strength, Improves Performance
  • STRENGTH PATCH (IRON) Reduces Symptoms of Anemia, Increases Brain Function, Improves Muscle Function
  • RESTORE PATCH (ZINC) Boosts Immunity, Supports DNA Synthesis, Accelerates Muscle Recovery

OR You can also build your own box for as low as $50.50!

What do you think of Vitamin Patch Club? Do you want to see more about this vitamin subscription in a review?


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