Once Upon a Book Club February 2020 Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Adult Box

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Once Upon a Book Club is a subscription that offers a unique reading experience. Each month, you’ll receive a book to read, a 5″ x 7″ quote print, along with 2-4 corresponding gifts to match a quote/item mentioned in the book. Readers are advised to open the gifts as they finish the corresponding page to make them feel as if the book is coming to life!

You can choose between Once Upon a Book Club’s Young Adult edition and Adult edition. This is the review of the Adult box.

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The box was designed by @ChickLitDesigns.

The box interior looks lovely with those words in script.

The box is full!

The box included a tri-fold booklet.

There’s also a reminder on how to make the most out of this box.


To fully experience this box…

Remember to only open your gifts once you reach the attached page numbers.

You can join the author and other book club members on these dates for some read-a-long and discussion activities.

There’s also a card for Book Club Perks!

These are promotional cards for mintMONGOOSE and Tea Runners!

Here are the gifts that we can open once we reach the indicated pages in the book!

Everything in my box!

Here’s a card related to this month’s featured book by Rita Woods.

The world will tell you secrets but you must be still and ready to hear.

The book looks promising! It came with a sticker that says it’s one of 2020’s Once Upon A Book Club selection!

Remembrance by Rita Woods ($18.28)

“Stunning. … Family is at the core of Remembrance, the breathtaking debut novel by Rita Woods.” — The Boston Globe. This breakout historical debut with modern resonance is perfect for the many fans of The Underground Railroad and Orphan Train.

Remembrance…It’s a rumor, a whisper passed in the fields and veiled behind sheets of laundry. A hidden stop on the underground road to freedom, a safe haven protected by more than secrecy…if you can make it there.

Ohio, present day. An elderly woman who is more than she seems warns against rising racism as a young nurse grapples with her life.

Haiti, 1791, on the brink of revolution. When the slave Abigail is forced from her children to take her mistress to safety, she discovers New Orleans has its own powers.

1857 New Orleansa city of unrest: Following tragedy, house girl Margot is sold just before her promised freedom. Desperate, she escapes and chases a whisper…. Remembrance.

The back of the book describes the book as complex and genre-blending.

The story is a breakout historical debut novel about power and freedom.

It’s history, magic, sci-fi, and fantasy story rolled into one. The story is set in both the historical period and modern-day.

The women in the story may be hundreds of years apart, but the book focuses on the realities of the African-American people and the lingering effects of slavery and colonialism.

When you reach page 37, you can finally open the first gift!

It’s packed in a patterned box.

Wooden Mortar & Pestle. It’s a wooden mortar and pestle set. Using this will make it easier to pound and crush spices, make pastes, and more!

The set even came with lavender tied with twine.

On page 101, another gift can be revealed!

The gift is also placed in a box and wrapped neatly.

Veronique’s Lockets. It’s a beautiful locket! This actually reminds me of old jewelry pieces that contain some secrets!

The locket comes with an extender and a lobster claw clasp that will make it easy to wear and to adjust.

The locket’s cover has a beautiful flower engraved on it.

The inside could fit a small photo, and there are strings spun in it.

As you reach page 110, you can finally open the next gift!

It’s placed in a polka dot paper bag, sealed with a sticker with the page number on it.

Wooden Disk. It’s a wooden disc that can be used for decoration. You can write something on the disc itself. It even comes with a twine hanger that you can use if you want to hang it somewhere.

I didn’t stop reading until I reach another page where we can reveal another gift: page 245!

The next gift is packed inside this cute drawstring pouch.

Tea Filter. It’s a shiny tea filter that comes with an apple tea recipe!

The flip side of the card lists all the ingredients and instructions on how to make the warm apple tea.

The tea filter easy to use. You just need to fill it up with loose tea, let it steep, and strain easily by just taking the whole thing!

Lavender Raspberry Honeybush Tea. They also included a bag of Lavender Raspberry Honeybush tea!

You can prepare this one by placing a teaspoon of the loose tea in the filter then steep for 5 minutes in 212°F (100°C). It’s also caffeine-free! It’s a nice beverage to go with your afternoon or evening read!

This month’s book pick is really good. It’s an empowering and inspirational story for Women’s Month. The gifts are fantastic as always, and most of them are pretty useful. I love the shiny locket, and the mortar and pestle. The inclusion of the filter and tea is also great, especially for those who love to sip something warm and delicious while enjoying a good story. This month’s box is another winner! We’re also excited about the next book and gifts!

What do you think of this month’s Once Upon a Book Club?

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