Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome March 2020 Subscription Box Review

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The Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome by That Daily Deal is an exclusive mystery box with non-gender specific goodies. The boxes vary monthly and there are no themes, but they promise to send items that are generally relevant to the season. It costs $24.99 monthly and shipping is free.

The box is huge!

The box is filled with amazing goodies and I’m so excited to check out everything inside!

Everything in my box!

Sweater. Well, you could never go wrong with a plain sweater!

This one has a V-neck for a more laid back style. The color is a nice deep navy blue which will pair really well with almost anything.

The waist and cuffs are elastic, making the piece more comfortable to wear.

Cabana Stripe Towels Collection. This towel is big, but not big enough to be a burden when carrying them in the bath or even at the beach!

It has red and white stripes that make it easier to distinguish. The material used is also pretty absorbent!

Touch of Eco Outdoor Solar Step Light ($19.50) The solar step light arrived inside its original box packaging. We got them in large size.

On one side of the box, you will see more details about these outdoor solar step lights. According to it, these solar step lights have an output of 60 lumens (30 lumens per unit). Each step light also has 6 built-in LEDs, which are certified ECO-SMT.

On the other side, there are a few suggestions on where we can best put these lights to use. They work for illuminating side steps, fences, gardens, and decks!

Upon opening the box, you will see that each piece is carefully packed!

Here’s everything inside the box!

Each piece comes with a pair of plastic fasteners so you can easily install this where you need it!

Arrow Squeezedriver. Here’s another item we can use in our home, a squeeze driver!

At the back of the packaging, there’s an illustration on how it is used!

It came with a set of screwdriver heads that came in different shapes and sizes!

The screw gun is where you can put the screwdriver head that you would need for a specific task!

You can keep a spare head insert on top so you can easily switch in between use!

Changing is easy! Just snap off the current head to replace…

…and then, snap the replacement back in and you’re ready to go! Now, all you have to do is squeeze the handle and it will help you secure or remove the screw in place! It’s pretty easy to use!

Smart Shake ($11.99) This shake tumbler is definitely unique. It’s made with DEHP-free plastic and is also BPA free! It is also safe to store in the freezer, use in the microwave, or clean using the dishwasher.

The tumbler has three compartments where you can store several servings of your preferred nutritional supplements. It’s compact and lightweight, making it easier to bring with you wherever, whenever. It also comes with a snap-on strainer for when you want a tea drink on the go! Oh, and it’s also leak-proof!

Nickelodeon Pint Glass 2-Pack ($18.69) Now this is nostalgic, a set of pint glasses featuring the Ren and Stimpy Show!

The glasses came in their original box packaging, which has illustrations of different characters from Nickelodeon that we have grown to love during the 90’s!

One glass features Stimpy and the other features Ren. The print on the glass is really of high-quality!

It also has the Nickelodeon branding as well as the name of the show that the two characters are from.

It was another jampacked box from the Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome! This month, my favorite besides Ren & Stimpy (which is everyone’s fave, right???) has got to be the handy Squeezedriver. It’s very easy to use and it saves time when we’re fixing things at home or doing some DIY projects. There’s even a wearable, a plain pullover that is great to wear on any cold day. Overall, the items are really usable and I’m so happy! The items are randomly sent, without any theme whatsoever, but that’s what makes this subscription fun!

What did you think of the Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome?

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  • Tobias

    Can I only order the squeeze driver or could anyone tell me where I can buy it? I am a German student and need this product for a university projct, that would be great to get it! Thanks for your help in advance!