Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome February 2020 Subscription Box Review

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The Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome by That Daily Deal is an exclusive mystery box with non-gender specific goodies. The boxes vary monthly and there are no themes, but they promise to send items that are generally relevant to the season. It costs $24.99 monthly and shipping is free.

Some items were packed with plastic, and others came in their original packaging.

Here are all of the items!

Keeper Life Reusable Snack Bags ($9.95) Reusable bags like this are awesome! It’s easier to pack lunch and snacks when you have them in handy.

I like how it is somewhat see-through so you can easily check out what’s inside. These bags are resealable and they’re airtight so you’re sure to get fresh snacks anytime!

There are 5 reusable bags in the box. Each one is color-coded so I can easily assign which color goes to my kids and my husband when packing their snacks! Plus, clean up is a breeze! Just hand wash them through running water, let them air dry, and you’re all set for the next day!

Heated Sox. These socks are perfect for the cold weather outdoors or even those cold nights when snuggling in your comforter just isn’t enough!

The socks are made with 91% acrylic, 5% nylon, 3% polyester, and 1% elastane.

These are soft and comfortable to wear. The reinforced heels and toes make them extra durable as well.

The socks are even anti-bacterial to keep your feet fresh and odor-free!

Silicone Water Bottle. This cute green water bottle can be easily brought anywhere to help you stay hydrated!

It’s made of silicone, which means it’s more durable and more eco-friendly. It also stands better chances against heat and cold compared to plastics! It’s even BPA free!

The lid can easily be opened by pushing a button to flip the cap off. It’s easy access!

Since it’s made of silicone, you can bend and fold it when not in use. Once you’re done with your drink and would need additional space in your bag, just fold it up and tuck it in using the strap that’s already provided and you’re all good! What a space saver!

Long Sleeves. It’s quite surprising to get a long-sleeved shirt in this box!

The color is pretty basic which makes it easy to pair with any item you already have in your wardrobe!

It has two breast pockets enclosed with buttons and the front is fully buttoned down.

I like the design, it’s a simple and classic look and a staple in every wardrobe. I also like the fabric as it’s soft and very breathable!

Urbane Designer Jacquard Sherpa Blanket ($18) Lastly, for this box, we have this amazing blanket!

The inside is made with faux fur material that is fluffy and very comfortable to the touch! I could seriously snuggle under this blanket for the whole day!

The top fabric is also soft! The print looks like it’s Victorian-inspired and I like how elegant it looks!

Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome is always full of surprises for us! Curations are really random and there are no themes, which is what makes it exciting. This month, there’s a bunch of useful items and my favorite is the ultra-comfort blanket, simply because it’s so comfortable! The snack bags come at a really close second. I like it because it’s reusable, which means less plastic waste for us. It’s also perfect for packing snacks in advance without worrying if the food will go stale. If you also like surprises, this subscription box is a must-try!

What did you think of the Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome?

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