MEL Science Kids Subscription Box Review + Coupon – CRYSTAL SCREEN

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MEL Science Kids is a monthly AR‑powered STEM subscription box from MEL Science intended for kids ages 5-10. You can subscribe to the box for $34.90 each month and you’ll get science-themed projects plus a visual explanation of the underlying scientific principles. This subscription uses an app for an AR (augmented reality) science explanation. Each monthly kit contains hands-on experiments, activities, building sets, educational comics, and a unique piece of a great story! You can also gift the box and share the fun with other kids and families!

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They also listed all the box contents and provided us information on how it works.

This is a review of the MEL Science Kids – Crystal Screen box.

We’re so excited to finally open this box!

There’s a blueprint of the project at the inside of the box’s top lid.

A colorful booklet welcomed us when we opened the box!

The materials for the project were packed in cute patterned boxes!

Everything in my box!

The booklet contains educational comics and activities. The comics don’t only tell a story but also explains and gives instructions about the project.

The illustrations are adorable, and of course, the kids love it when they can easily relate with the comic characters.

The booklet also provided the list of components to make the crystal screen: front wall, back wall, gear, gear backing, back frame, sidewalls, backing, axle. covers, polarizers, transparent circles, crystals, rubber dials, tape, rivets, and string.

The comic also explains a lot about the scientific principles that underlie in every project. From this comic, we have Zac and Newt on a mission!

The booklet also provided clear illustrations that the kids can easily follow to complete the project.

Also, it’s best to identify the parts and compare them to the list first so that it will be easier to assemble.

This strip explains about the red-patterned box.

To start the project, my son took out the contents of the first box! He was so excited about the “presents” in the box (the patterned boxes). So fun for younger kids!

Here are the contents of the red-patterned box, and most of them are the wooden parts of the project.

He assembled it by looking at the step-by-step illustrations on the booklet, and copied exactly what had been done.

The crystal screen is almost complete!

Because of the easy-to-follow illustrations, my son didn’t really have a hard time completing the model.

Now, we’re onto the blue-patterned box!

It contains more items for more fun with the screen, as the comic strip says!

The comic strip makes this whole thing feel like an adventure!

Just like in the first part, the illustrations here are easy to follow.

Here’s my son busy setting up the parts for the crystal screen!

He hung a piece of acrylic inside, using the provided string and discovered the magic of polarized light!

Afterward, my son attached tapes on the round “crystal”.

Here’s how it looks like after my son was done putting on tape.

My kids also colored the patterns on the cover for their machine.

When they were done coloring, they used it to cover the model!

They also added the crystal on the slot and it’s done! We gave it a try and it worked because when we took a peek on the screen, we saw some colors on it! Amazing!

Here’s another color it produced, as my son adjusted the knob.

This is the first model that we got from MEL Science Kids box, and it’s pretty good!

This is really fun to do and explore! My kids loved it!

As we finished the first mission, we can finally put a sticker on the Mystery Planet Map that is also included in this box!

Here’s the Mystery Planet Map!

Our first stop is the Crystal Valley!

There’s our proof that we’re done with the Crystal Valley! My kids are excited to fill this map out with stickers!

The booklet also explained about the Nature of Light, which was what we explored in making and trying out this month’s Crystal Screen project.

The booklet also introduced us to other polarizers like in 3D glasses, camera lenses, and computer and smartphone displays.

There’s also an hexagonal piece which can be scanned with the app for the AR experience!

The app had more activities and features related to this box’s project as well.

One of the things that the app explains is about the ray of light, which are like little blocks traveling on a conveyor belt.

It’s really fun! The interactive app was a hit with my kids.

Here, they also learned more about the polarizer.

Lastly, my kids did the on-page activities on the booklet!

Here’s one where they need to get out of the rainbow maze!

My son made it to the end!

There’s also a pixel coloring activity!

Here’s what they formed in coloring the pixels, an apple!

There’s also another activity where the kids can draw anything they like on the crystal screen illustration.

My son drew an abstract image made up of different colors, just like what they saw on the model!

It looks cool!

Our first box from MEL Science Kids was a blast! My kids loved doing the project, as well as reading the booklet and doing the on-page activities. We love the format where we get to do the projects by following a comic story. They also provided really detailed illustrations that kids can easily follow. Also, every underlying scientific principle is thoroughly explained not just in the booklet, but in the app as well! We did the AR lesson before building the kit, which I think was a good idea, because my kids understood the scientific goals they were trying to achieve as they were building it. My kids are also excited to fill the Mystery Planet Map with stickers. It’s another enjoyable activity box for kids, filled with so much fun and learning, and my 5 year old asked if we could please keep his crystal screen forever. If your kids love science and you’re looking for new activities for them, it’s a great subscription!

What do you think of the MEL Science Kids box?

Visit MEL STEM by MEL Science to subscribe or find out more!



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