MEL Chemistry Subscription Box Review + Coupon – CHEMISTRY OF MONSTERS

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MEL Chemistry is a monthly AR‑powered STEM subscription box from MEL Science intended for kids ages 9-14. You can subscribe to the box for $34.90 each month. Each monthly kit contains 2-3 science experiments with enough materials to try it twice, plus step-by-step instructions. All the experiments are designed for home use.

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This is a review of the MEL Chemistry – Chemistry of Monsters box.

It includes 2 activities: Sugar Snake and Foam Eruption.

They also listed all the box contents and provided us information on how it works.

The top lid of the box welcomes us to Science!

Each activity also comes with its own instruction and information sheet.

The inside of the top lid provided us more instructions before we start the experiments.

The box is also filled with different chemical bottles!

Everything in the box!

The chemical bottles containing the reagents, and other items are placed inside resealable bags. They also included 2 pairs of disposable gloves in two sizes.

There’s another guide for the experiments.

The guide contains advice for supervising adults, safety rules, general first aid information, local hospital or poison center, chemicals disposal, reagents list, and instructions.

Here are the safety rules, general information, and even the reagents to be used in the experiments.

The two experiments that we’ll be doing are Sugar Snake, where we will grow a black snake out of sugar, and Foam eruption where the foam will erupt from a flask, like real lava.

Activity #1: Sugar Snake. Aside from the level of difficulty, danger, and duration of the activity, the card also provided safety measures and chemical disposal for each experiment.

For the experiment, we used the pocket stove that came in the starter pack, because this experiment requires the use of fire.

When you light up the solid fuel, you need to take off your gloves.

For this experiment, we used baking soda, a spoon, solid fuel tablet, foil, and a stick.

There’s the pocket stove from the starter kit!

First, my daughter mixed the baking soda with 3 teaspoons of sugar.

My daughter set-up the stove first by putting foil around it. Then she placed the tablet of solid fuel on the stove and added her mixture on top of the tablet.

She set the solid fuel on fire. After a while, a black “snake” emerged from it!

It keeps on growing as the fire goes on!

The fire goes on for a while and we’re really amazed at how this monster was formed from the mixture.

Here’s how the monster looks like after. Yes, it’s like a snake!

To see how it really worked, here’s a video! It’s amazing!

Activity #2: Foam Eruption. The next activity is making a foam erupt from a flask, like real lava. The activity will take 15 minutes, and for safety, we need to use protective gloves and eyewear and perform the experiment on the tray.

Aside from the tray, we’ll also need the flask from the starter kit to make this one.

The experiment card also explains what will happen as we perform the experiment.

For this experiment, we’ll use sodium carbonate, anthocyanin, citric acid, liquid soap, spoon, stick, and syringe.

My daughter first measured one big spoon of anthocyanin.

She put all of it in a cup. Then she added water on the cup.

She then placed the other reagents on the flask, which will be the source of carbon dioxide for the experiment.

The next step is to add liquid soap.

After mixing the reagents, she added the dye solution in the flask.

The thing that erupted from the flask looks like lava!

It’s important that you use something like a tray to catch the spills, as this one really gets messy.

Of course, we read the science behind the experiments. This is a reaction between acids and carbonates.

And here’s another video where we did the foam eruption! Just wait until the flask “erupts” and the lava looks like the real one! We’re all amazed!

MEL Chemistry is a fun way to do experiments at home. It provides everything that you need and even the safety gear and measures to ensure that every activity is safe and enjoyable. My daughter enjoyed the activities a lot! Everything is educational, and the experiment cards even explained the phenomena and chemistry behind the experiments. It’s a great way to introduce science and scientific principles to kids in the comforts of your home.

What do you think about the MEL Chemistry subscription ?

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