Loot Remix January 2020 Subscription Box Review

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Loot Crate’s Loot Remix is a surprise mix of past Loot Crate items from any of Loot Crate’s lines – 3 items from your favorite pop culture franchises PLUS a “best of” pin! Collectibles, gear, figures and more — $30+ value in every crate.

The box was sealed with a Loot Remix sticker!

Some of the items came in their original packaging.

There are no squiggles or fillers here.

Here’s everything in the box!

Ghostbusters Terror Dog Pin. The pin features the vicious breed of demonic hellhounds from Ghostbuster, and it has glowing red eyes and horns. It was also included in the Loot Crate May 2019 box, see the review here.

The longer you stare, the creepier it gets! These creatures can possess human beings, and two well-known creatures of this kind are Zuul and Vinz Clortho, the loyal servants of Gozer.

Lost In Space Mission Log. The Jupiter 2 is the central spaceship from the 60s Sci-Fi TV series, Lost in Space, and this notebook is to honor the “Science Fact Sci-Fi” show!  You can also find this one in the March 2019 Loot Crate, see the review here.

The back has Lost in Space branding, as well as Legendary Television and Loot Crate logo.

The pages of the notebook aren’t lined but they have the washout designs of the 24th mission and planet with an orbit.

The Transformers Socks. This one is for the fans of the Transformers, especially Bumblebee! The socks were also included in the February 2019 Loot Socks, see the review here,

The label is so cute as it is designed like an old cassette tape featuring Bumble Bee’s exclusive mix music!

The socks have black and grey stripes on the soles. They’re not just eye-catching, they’re also comfortable to wear!

When you put the socks together, you’ll get the whole image of Bumble Bee!

Jaws Metal Print Sign. It’s a metal print signage featuring Jaws, an American thriller film that features a giant man-eating great white shark that attacks the beachgoers of a summer resort town. You can also find it in the Loot Fright May 2019 box, here’s the review!

Featured at the back of the label is an excerpt from the script of the movie.

Well this is not a boat acccident!

And it wasn’t any propeller!

And it wasn’t any coral reef!

And it wasn’t Jack the Ripper!

It was a shark.

 I love the design of the plate. It features a huge shark bite at the upper right side, making it a bit realistic!

Fortnite Frozen Raven Figure. Frozen Raven is an outfit in Battle Royale that could be obtained by purchasing the Frozen Legends Pack. This figure is also included in the Loot Gaming June 2019 box, see the review here.

At the back, there are photos of other figures that you can get from this series.

This pack came with easy to assemble pieces, and the outfit is a brooding master of frozen feathers.

The figure also came with a gun and an ax! It looks cool!

With Loot Remix boxes, it’s easy to get past Loot Crate items worthy of adding to your geeky collection! You may get random items, but that’s actually what makes it exciting! For this box, I like the figure and the socks. I’m also looking forward to other cool items in future boxes!

What do you think of the Loot Remix box?

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