Yumi Baby Food Review + Coupon

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Yumi is a subscription that delivers freshly made all-organic, synthetic-free and additive-free meals and snacks for babies and toddlers 5 months and up! Every box contains exclusive meals from their expert nutritionists, designed based on a child’s age and nutritional needs. The meal starts at $5 per day and you can edit or cancel your subscription anytime!

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Yumi divides their food offerings into familiar stages, to make sure you only give what your baby can accommodate in their current stage. If you need help in choosing the appropriate stage for your baby, or if you have other related concerns, you can consult with Yumi’s nutritionists.

  • Stage 1: Smooth single-ingredient purees. These are great for babes just starting solids. (4+ months) Flavor examples: Spinach, pumpkin, purple sweet potato, peach, apple, split pea, dragonfruit, kabocha squash
  • Stage 2: Smooth multi-ingredient soups and pies. (7+ months) Flavor examples: Mulligatawny soup, pumpkin soup, kabocha squash soup, split pea soup, coconut cream pie, strawberry basil pie, triple berry pie, apple pie
  • Stage 3: Chunky multi-ingredient chia puddings and bowls. (9+ months) Flavor examples: Peaches & blackberry chia pudding, dragonfruit chia pudding, coconut amaranth pudding
  • Stage 4: Nutrient-dense meals and snacks for independent eaters. (10+ months) Flavor examples: Cubano bites, beet puffs, broccoli lentil bite, cauliflower puffs, pizza bites, carrot spinach millet bites, southwest bite, chickpea panisse bite

You can choose food items from only one stage or a mix of different stages, depending on the meal plan you choose.

Available meal plans:

  • Variety Pack: A variety of Stage 2 or 3 blends.
  • Starters Only: One jar of each Stage 1 puree.
  • Finger Foods Only: A variety of bites and puffs.
  • Bites and Blends: Bites and blends from collaborations with different chefs.

This is a review of Bites and Blends.

All the meals are carefully packed inside a fully insulated box surrounded by large dry ice packs to keep them fresh and frozen.

Meal prices depend on how many meals you want to receive in your box. The more meals you get per day, the lower the price gets!

  • Meals costs $5 for a 1 meal per day shipment ($35 per week)
  • Meals cost $4.64 for a 2 meals per day shipment ($65 per week)
  • Meals cost $4.29 for a 3 meals per day shipment ($90 per week)

You can also buy 7 meals and get 1 free, and save 20% by paying monthly.

We got five packs of baby food from Yumi!

According to the box’s flap, all the bites (packed in containers with dark lids) should be kept frozen. You can prepare them by using an oven or microwave and heating them at a high temperature for 30 seconds. Meanwhile, the snacks (packed in containers with light lids) are ready to eat.

Inside each box are four different plastic containers that feature a variety of baby food!

Everything in my box!

Also included inside the box is an information sheet that contains all the nutritional content of each and every meal.

Yumi Smooth Singles – Single-Ingredient Purees (Stage 1, 4+ months)

Yumi Smooth Singles are single-ingredient purees that can be served whether hot or cold. These can also last for 7 days in the fridge and 2 months in the freezer.

It turns out you are what you eat.

Tastebuds form in the first 2 years, and it can take up to 15 tries for your babe to love a new flavor.

The Single-Ingredient Purees are ideal for babies 4 months and up. The flavors are Carrot, Dragon Fruit, Mango, and Blueberry!

Carrot Purees – Stage 1. Carrot is one of the best sources of beta carotene which boosts the immune system, decreases inflammation, and improving the health of new cells.

The carrots used for this puree is organic.

The best by date is on the seal.

It was soft, fresh, and definitely tasty!

Mango Puree – Stage 1. This mango puree is rich in potassium, a nutrient that is essential for your baby’s body to further control the electrical activity of the heart and muscles.

It’s also a single-ingredient puree made from organic mango.

It wasn’t too sweet and it definitely captured the taste of a real mango!

Dragon Fruit Puree – Stage 1. Dragon fruit is loaded with vitamins and minerals that include beta-carotene, vitamins B and C, calcium, and phosphorus.

This fruit is known to be low in sugar and full of nutrients, making it the ideal food for a baby who is just starting to eat solid foods.

Blueberry Puree – Stage 1. This puree is made with blueberry, which is rich in antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C and K, and manganese.

We got three containers of blueberry puree!

This meal is so juicy and truly appetizing, my baby loves it so much!

Yumi Smooth Soups & Pies – Multi-Ingredient Smooth Purees (Stage 2, 4+ months)

We also have soups from Yumi’s Smooth Soups & Pies line: Lebanese Lentil Soup and Carrot Ginger Porridge! They are ideal for babies 4 months and up.

Carrot Ginger Porridge – Stage 2. It’s a nutritious porridge packed with protein and iron that supports brain growth while helping produce healthy red blood cells to the body.

According to the lid cover, this meal should be eaten within 24 hours after opening.

The recipe includes carrot, apple, sorghum grain, onion, and ginger.

The carrots chunks are pretty visible, so are the sorghum grains!

Lebanese Lentil Soup – Stage 2. Lentil soup is a nutritious plant-based meal filled with beta-carotene, vitamins, and minerals sourced from tomatoes, chard, and carrots.

Lentils are known to be a great source of protein and fiber that help develop a healthy tummy, bone, and muscle.

They may not look so appealing but the taste is just perfect!

More soups for my baby! These are Kabocha Buckwheat Bowl and Broccoli Mash Bowl meals, also from the Smooth Soups and Pies line.

Kabocha Buckwheat Bowl – Stage 2. Kabocha and buckwheat are definitely a great combination. They make a great source of beta carotene and fiber!

Aside from kabocha squash and buckwheat meal, it also contains banana, flax, dates, and cinnamon!

The mix of sweet and savory flavors in this bowl is really appealing!

Broccoli Mash Bowl – Stage 2. It’s a broccoli-based meal that contains a great amount of protein and chromium!

Aside from broccoli, this meal also contains sweet potato, amaranth, apricot, and flaxseed.

This meal is not just nutritious, the texture is really good and it tastes yummy as well. Who would have thought it contains broccoli?

Yumi Chunky Pudding & Bowls – Multi-Ingredient Chunky Purees (Stage 3, 9+ months)

Next, we have Chunky Puddings & Bowls, which are multi-ingredient chunky purees ideal for babies 9 months and up. The flavors we have are Raspberry Chia Pudding, Dragonfruit Chia Pudding, and Triple Berry Pie.

Raspberry Chia Pudding – Stage 3. Quinoa and chia are combined in this pudding, making it a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acid which is essential for your baby’s brain and body development.

Aside from quinoa and chia seeds, it also has raspberries, coconut milk, banana, and dates.

It’s a little creamy, a bit denser, and oh so delectable!

Triple Berry Pie – Stage 3. It’s a berry-filled recipe so it contains a lot of antioxidants that’ll help improve your baby’s immune system!

Aside from strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries, it also includes Japanese sweet potato, coconut milk, white beans, and even cinnamon.

It’s also rich in protein, potassium, and magnesium that help support healthy bone, and muscle growth and development.

Dragonfruit Chia Pudding – Stage 3. We got another dragonfruit in our box, and this time, it’s blended with Japanese sweet potato, pineapple, coconut milk, quinoa, banana, and chia.

This is full of vitamins and minerals including beta-carotene, b-vitamins, vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus.

It is generally low in sugar and it’s deliciously chunky as well.

Yumi Fingerfoods – Bites and Puffs (Stage 4, 10+ months)

Here are the Yumi Bites and Puffs in our box: Cubano Bites, Carrot Spinach Millet Bites, Pizza Bites, and Beet Puffs. They are ideal for babies 10 months and up.

Pizza Bite. These snack bites are made from lycopene-rich tomatoes, fiber-rich lentils and oats, and other gluten-free and organic ingredients.

It gives your baby the scrumptious taste of pizza in a healthy and age-appropriate way!

Beet Puffs. These look like regular puffed snacks but are definitely way healthier as they are made with beet powder and packed with fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and antioxidants.

Each piece melts really quickly inside my baby’s mouth!

Carrot Spinach Millet Bite. These bites are made with carrots, millet, spinach, oats, shallots, sunflower, and curry powder. It’s a protein and iron-rich snack that supports brain growth and a healthy red blood cell formation, while the spinach provides a significant amount of vitamin K and carrot for healthy vision.

They were soft and filling! This is definitely one of my baby’s favorites.

Cubano Bite. Here’s another power-packed snack, and this time it features a mix of quinoa, black beans, kale, bananas, and flax seeds.

Rich in magnesium and calcium, this meal supports healthy heart, eyes, brain, and tummy. It was savory, which was another hit with my baby!

Here are the Pizza Bites, Cubano Bites, and Carrot Spinach Millet Bites! After putting them in the oven for 30 seconds, they’re ready to be served.

Here are the bites after being re-heated. We also added the Beet Puffs!

My baby loves them all!

If you are looking for the best food for your baby, you might want to check the array of options offered by Yumi! They make sure that everything is packed with vitamins and nutrients your baby needs, and of course, the goodies are delicious and appealing as well. I’m really amazed with the variety of snacks meals in our box this month. They make it easy for us to feed our baby with fruits and vegetables she wouldn’t otherwise eat. My daughter enjoyed the meals a lot so we couldn’t be happier! We’re looking forward to the next boxes!

What do you think of the Yumi Baby Food box?

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