Love With Food February 2020 Deluxe Box Review + Coupon!

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Love with Food Deluxe Box sends 15+ surprise snacks from various healthy snack brands each month. It’s an ideal snack box for sharing at home or if you are a heavy snacker. This particular plan promises to include plenty of snacks for everyone and a few duplicates. Also, the snack box only includes snacks made with real ingredients and no added chemicals. The Deluxe Box is $19.95 a month. Love with Food also offers other snack boxes such as the classic Tasting box and the Gluten-free box.

Our team scours hundreds of brands every month and chooses the best tasting, feel good options for your box.

  • No chemicals, artificial flavoring, MSG or high fructose corn syrup
  • Clean and delicious snacks made with real ingredients
  • Every snack passes our 73 Banned Ingredients List
  • Expertly sourced, vetted and curated

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Packed to the top!

I found a card that has a blank spot so I can write in what I love. You can find all of the items sampled each month on the Love With Food website. For every box sent to subscribers, Love With Food donates a meal to families in need. Don’t forget to review your snacks so you can earn points for even more snacks!

Everything in my box!

Pacific Foods Organic Bone Broth I received a serving of broth that sounds like it has warm spices in it, like turmeric, ginger, and black pepper. I’m not one for sipping broth unless I’m under the weather so I like the suggestion to add this to recipes.

Oven-Baked Parm Crisps and Just The Cheese Crunchy Toasted Cheese are pretty much the same snack, which is baked piles of chees, like when you make a grilled sandwich and the cheese falls off and into the skillet and turns crispy. That’s what these are. I have been eating less sodium so these taste pretty salty to my tongue but I like that they are made with just one ingredient.

Herr’s Potato Chips I packed these rippled chips in my lunch bag and really, they taste the same as any of the other name brands out there. There are so many flavor varieties available from this brand that would have made a bigger impact on my taste buds.

Pretzel Pete Mini Twists Cheese Pizza Pretzel Pete makes some mighty tasty pretzels. These have a cheesy pizza flavoring on them and while I only tried one (my daughter claimed the rest) it was very yummy. The flavors are soaked on the pretzels, not sprayed on, so you get extra flavor in your snack.

Darrell Lea Real Twists Strawberry Candy look and I think taste like strawberry licorice bites. I tried one and I’m not a fan of licorice but my daughter was happy to have them!

Welch’s Fruit Snacks Karina was also happy to take these gummy fruit snacks off my hands. She loves gummy snacks and I am happy that these are colored naturally with plant extracts.

Cleverly No-Grain-Ola I discovered this brand a long time ago and it looks like they have had a name change (they were called Kitchun). It is a grain free cereal that has nuts, coconut, seeds, and dried fruits. I like to eat this right out of the bag or sprinkled on yogurt.

Health Warrior Chia Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is a chewy chia seed bar, and I didn’t even realize it had chocolate in it, and it doesn’t taste like cookie dough. It was a filling snack though!

Zee Zee’s Spicy Sunflower Kernels These sunflower seeds had a spicy cheese and citric acid flavor combo that I enjoyed eating, very tasty.

Clif Whole Lotta Salted Dark Chocolate I wanted to like this, I really did. It’s made with ingredients like dates, almonds, pea protein, and cashew butter. It is dense and I am ok with that, but they said it was “just a bitta sea salt” and this actually has 290mg of sodium, or 13% of the amount of sodium a person should eat in a day. I couldn’t finish it because it was way too salty.

Here is the CLIF Whole Lotta. It looked promising but was too salty for my taste buds.

Here is the Health Warrior chia snack bar!

KIND Bar Simple Crunch Dark Chocolate & Oats I’ve always liked granola bars and this falls into the crispy bar category. It is made with only 10 ingredients that include oats, honey, and chocolate.

Mighty Sesame Co. Pistachio TahiniBar I think tahini bars are one of the weirdest snacks I’ve ever had, yet I couldn’t stop at one bite. It’s made with tahini, sugar, and pistachios and it instantly melts as soon as I put it on my tongue. This was a tastiest flavor I’ve ever sampled.

Here’s the crunchy chocolate granola bar. It would be good sprinkled on a parfait.

Chomps Chompling Original Beef Mini Stick Meat sticks and jerky show up monthly in this box and I have started passing them to friends since no one in the house will eat them. This one is made with grass fed beef and is Whole 30 approved.

Lily’s Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate I was hesitant to try this candy because I usually won’t eat stevia but I didn’t notice any aftertaste with this product. I thought the square would be filled with caramel but it is a caramel-flavored piece of chocolate with some crunchy grains of salt sprinkled about.

Love With Food had some delicious snacks this month and I am always happy to reach into my box whether I need something sweet, salty, crunchy, or chewy. It is easy to throw a snack in my work bag or my kids lunch box and usually if someone doesn’t like a snack, it’s ok because someone else in my house will eat it. This box is good for families because they tend to send gummy candies. Sometimes the bars sent are a meal in themselves, perfect for when I’m short on time.

What’s your favorite snack from the Love With Food Deluxe Box this month?

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