Getting Unf*cked Mind Body Business Box – Review? Women’s Lifestyle Subscription!

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Getting Unf*cked Mind Body Business Box bimonthly women’s lifestyle subscription box is now available! This box costs $47 + FREE Shipping every other month, and will include eco-friendly, uniquely sourced, and handcrafted items from local women owned businesses!

Are you a Bad Ass Bitch who’s ready to Get Unf*cked and receive a boost in confidence? This box is made just for you! Our boxes will be themed all around confidence: Body Image, Mindset, Getting Shit Done, Business/Career and more!

Our Mission is to increase the confidence of women across the globe; to empower them to find the clarity they desire; to encourage them to dream big and to become the bad ass bitch they are meant to be.

Should we review this box?

About Getting Unf*cked:

Getting Unf*cked is a MOVEMENT, to encourage women and men to take back their lives. To shed the fear, to eliminate the self-sabotage and to empower themselves to become the most confidence person they can be. People asked me WHY I call my business something that includes profanity… I will tell you why. Profanity is to me, a bold form of honesty. When I say “Unf*cked”, you know EXACTLY what I am referring to. All of the bullshit you have been a part of that has twisted your mind to believe something that isn’t true.

Typically, this twisted way of thinking affects confidence, body image, self worth, and success. My mission is to help you overcome the fear, the doubt, the self-sabotage that is keeping you STUCK IN SH1T.

Here’s how it works:

  • Bad Ass Bitch picks a plan and orders herself a box. She even gets a little sloppy seconds to treat herself or gift to a friend.
  • Bad Ass Bitch receives her box ever 2 months on her doorstep. She gets so excited!
  • Bad Ass Bitch enjoys her box. She hangs the quote up. She uses her bad-ass affirmations daily. She begins to Get Unf*cked.
  • Bad Ass Bitch loves her box so much that she tells all of her friends about it. They want to get unf*cked too!

We also have the theme spoilers for the May 2020 box! The theme is Get Sh1t Done!

What do you think of Getting Unf*cked Mind Body Business Box? Do you want to see more about this unique women’s lifestyle subscription in a review?

Should we review this box?


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