Fabulous YOU Box February 2020 Review + Coupon!

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Fabulous YOU Box is a quarterly women’s lifestyle subscription box created and curated for women by women. Items sent will contain a mix of products that range from home, fashion, wellness, tech, beauty, skin care, indulgent treats, and more. They feature 6-10 brands and 8-20 products per shipment and each box will have a retail value of OVER $400. You also have the option to add their own signature wines to your box. Proceeds from each quarterly box sold support organizations dedicated to finding a cure for cancer, since both of the owners are cancer survivors. Fabulous YOU Box is $165 a quarter and the price drops for longer subscriptions, while a one-time only shipment is $190.

NOTE: This box is sold out. If you order, your first box will ship in May.

We both personally know what it means to crave that well deserved me-time. We also know what’s needed to make the perfect subscription box for women. So we created Fabulous YOU Box.

Fabulous YOU promises to ship you a box packed full of lifestyle products never too heavy on any specific type of product. A little bit of everything so you have a well-rounded box filled with uplifting, luxurious, pampering, indulgent items. All based around you and giving you that well deserved me-time all of us FABULOUS woman crave.

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This is my first ever Fabulous YOU box and it is their début box! The box itself is reusable and has a magnetic closure so I can store stationery, keepsakes, or whatever else inside!

Fabulous YOU Box will ship in February, May, August, and November.

My items were wrapped in pink tissue paper that was sealed with a gold sticker and everything was tucked into white paper squiggles.

I can already tell I’m going to love this box!

Everything in my box!

Fabulous YOU sent a mini fold-out brochure with the items listed along with the manufacture’s website and MSRP’s.

The owners of Fabulous YOU, Bonny and Becky, mention that they are cancer survivors and that a portion of profits are donated to help find a cure for cancer.

Most of the brands listed in the booklet are well-known to me, but there were a few surprises too.

The back of the brochure listed some of the social media sites if you want to follow along online.

I found a coupon code from one of the featured brands.

The Drop It Set Of 2 Wine Glass ($24) Subscribers received these glasses in either clear (as I did) or white. They are made of BPA-free plastic so you can imbibe without worrying about breaking a glass, in case you are sipping in a slippery bathtub.

At first I thought the design had rubbed off but then I realized that they are supposed to look like this! Each “glass” holds 8 ounces of whatever you choose to drink and these babies are dishwasher safe.

Sprigs 2 Pocket Wrist Wallet in Black Marble ($19.95) I like the idea of this wallet. Sometimes in warmer weather I don’t have any pockets to stick my phone or keys in to keep them safe while walking. This is the answer to that problem.

You can place your cell phone (mine is an iPhone Plus and it fit fine) in the pocket and the flap fits securely over the phone. The flap pocket is shown in the previous picture. The flip side has a zipper closure. Put your stuff in the Wrist Wallet and then go!

TokyoMilk Zebra Be Bold Small Tote ($12) I was so excited when I saw that this box would have not one but FIVE Margot Elena products inside. When I started writing this post I realized that I was missing a product and Fabulous YOU sent it very quickly.

This bag is 10″ x 8.5″ and is made of plastic. It has handles on top and is so adorable. It also makes a great gift bag or use it as a lunch tote.

TokyoMilk Song in D Minor Parfum ($36) Our second TokyoMilk item is a bottle of their floral perfume.

The scent notes include white orchid, orange flower, gardenia, and amber.

TokyoMilk has some of the best packaging in the business, everything looks so lovely.

The perfume is filled with the scent of bright white florals but there is some warmth underneath it all. The base notes smell sunny and although this started out strong when I applied, it mellowed out and faded after a couple of hours.

TokyoMilk Rosewater Lip Balm ($10) Again, the packaging. This one has some glitter on the box!

The flavor of this lip balm is described as “sugared rose petals dance with fresh Apple Blossoms in our decadent formula that leaves lips silky soft and completely kissable”.

Ingredients include sunflower seed oil, petrolatum, beeswax, and lanolin. The inside of the box had a quote from The Princess Bride and even tips on how to be a good kisser!

TokyoMilk Awaken Within Handcreme ($22) I like a non-greasy hand cream for day use and this one was perfect for my needs!

Scent notes include jasmine, orange blossom, and neroli. Ingredients in this creamy lotion include argan oil and shea butter.

At first I thought it smelled like honeysuckle but I think it was a combo of those scent notes that smelled sweet and sunny. My hands absorbed the lotion quickly and I plan on keeping it at work, where I wash my hands frequently. I don’t want a strongly scented lotion and I think this one was just right.

TokyoMilk Yellow Flower Hand Soap ($12) was missing from my box but Fabulous YOU sent it super quickly. It’s hard to tell from my picture but the wrapper had glitter all over it!

Even the inside of the package had this London Underground ticket, I just adore those little touches.

The fragrance for this bar is called “Gin & Rosewater #12” and notes include citrus zest, rosewood, and mandarin; I would say it’s a combo of citrus and florals. The soap has a shea butter base and this huge bar should last for a while.

I think I hit the Spongellé jackpot with this box, there were four items from this brand in the box! Spongelle French Lavender Boxed Flower ($16) and Spongelle Sugar Dahlia Boxed Flower ($16) are both shower sponges infused with body wash and they also come with a ribbon hanger so they can dry between uses.

French Lavender has a white floral scent with notes of tea rose, amber, and lavender tea. It doesn’t really smell like lavender at all. Sugar Dahlia has notes of citrus, jasmine, and neroli with a musk base. It smells warm and sweet.

Here is the back of one of the boxes so you can get an idea of the ingredients. Dampen the sponge in the shower or bath and get ready for a soapy experience since these produce a lot of bubbles once they get going. You can vary the amount of pressure you use to control the type of exfoliation you receive. These sponges have enough soap to last for at least 14 showers each.

Spongelle Air Fresh Tuberose Zodiac Buffer ($20) Next we have an item from the Spongellé Zodiac line!

I just happen to be a Libra, one of the Air signs, so I was especially excited to get something that spoke to me. I am pretty sure this was a random occurrence but it still made me happy!

Scent notes include bergamot, white florals, and clean musk along with a fresh air accord. I like it, it smells very fresh and almost beachy. This sponge should last at least 15 washes.

Spongelle Coconut Verbena Pedi Buffer ($16) While I’ve tried versions of the other 3 Spongellé products before, I was super excited to receive this item, and just in time for sandal season!

I love anything with peppermint in it and noticed that the scent notes include coconut, jasmine, and lemon. I love the refreshing scent!

The sides of this sponge are uniquely textured and help buff away dead skin on the feet as it cleans and refreshes this tough area. It’s supposed to last through at least 30 uses! I now have a ton of sponges to last me for a good couple of months! I kept the plastic on my sponges for now since I can’t use all of them at once, but make sure to remove before using.

I was so excited to see that my box would include two items from Kendra Scott!

Kendra Scott started her business here in Austin and is very popular not only in Central Texas but all over!

Kendra Scott Ever Silver Pendant Necklace in Slate Cats Eye ($50) First up is the Slate Cats Eye necklace. The stone changes hues as it catches the light.

The necklace is rhodium plated over brass and has a 15″ chain with 2″ extender.

The details such as the Kendra Scott bar on one end and the KS emblem on the other make this item stand out from the rest.

Kendra Scott Edie Silver Cuff Bracelet in Slate Cats Eye ($55) We received a matching adjustable bracelet. The bracelet material is the same as the necklace and it has two of those lovely stones, one on each end.

This is a slip on type of bracelet and it can be sized up or down, just squeeze the ends together or gently pry them apart. I am very pleased with the quality of these two items!

Teami Luxe Rose Gold On-The-Go Tumbler ($54.99) I love rose gold and this tumbler is so pretty and stylish, and it’s the fanciest one I’ve ever owned!

There are 6 different benefits and the box described them all. You can use this tumbler with tea or fruit, and Fabulous YOU thoughtfully included some tea bags to get us started!

One side of the cup has the brand name and says that it holds 20 ounces.

The other side has a handy carrying strap.

There is a flip top lid for sipping.

The bottom of the tumbler even has a storage compartment! You could stash some tea in there.

The inside cup is BPA-free and is removable for easy cleaning. There is a strainer to keep tea particles or fruit bits from going through the sipping hole. The tumbler keeps drinks hot for up to 4 hours and keeps flavored water cool.

Teami Chai Tea ($29.99) Tea is my favorite drink and I was so excited to get a whole bag of chai tea bags!

Ingredients include black tea and spices. You can steep this in the tumbler shown above or in a mug or cup. I like a strong black tea but this one was a light refreshing tea that had a delicious spicy aroma and flavor. I think the anise was the star of the show. I added a bit of sugar to sweeten it but it wasn’t bitter. You can add milk to make a chai latte.

Cacao Graham Crack ($6) I think butter, sugar, chocolate, and toffee go together really well! This is the first of two items from Cacao found in this box.

The graham cracker is soaked in some kind of yummy goodness and it is soft and not hard like toffee (so I didn’t have to worry about losing a crown!). The top is covered with a light layer of chocolate and there is some saltiness in there too. Ingredients weren’t listed on the product or web page.

Cacao 4 Piece PAVE Chocolate Box ($12) Ohh, a box of chocolates, yum!

The flavors were announced on the tag.

The paper wrapper was sealed with a gold sticker.

Aren’t they lovely? They even had a bit of sparkle. I didn’t see a list of ingredients anywhere but the website says these have a shelf life of two weeks so indulge before they go off. They are very rich and sweet, although the coating of cocoa powder helps tame that sweetness. I was so happy to indulge in a piece every day after the hustle and bustle was over.

Wow, what an amazing début box from Fabulous YOU! This was an exciting box to open, I loved all the different items and have enough self-care stuff to last for a couple of months. The other exciting thing about this subscription is that most everything was in their original boxes so they make great gifts too! Some of these items will last for well past the 3 month mark, like the cups, drink bottle, perfume, wrist wallet, and jewelry. Fabulous YOU delivered on their promised value too – my box had a value of around $411.93! If you are looking for a quarterly treat then you might want to give this box a try. Spoilers for the May box should be posted soon and I can’t wait to see what will be in the next box!

What do you think of Fabulous YOU Box? Do you want to see more about this women’s lifestyle subscription in a review?

Visit Fabulous You Box to subscribe or find out more!


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