Adults & Crafts Subscription Box Review + Coupon – STRING ART WOOD SIGN KIT

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Adults & Crafts is a monthly subscription box that brings DIY crafts for adults. For only $33 per month, you’ll get a box full of materials to create an awesome crafts project. This box arrived and was super heavy, I was a bit afraid of what might be asked of me.

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The tools and materials are neatly stacked in a cardboard box. An instruction leaflet is lying on top.

Featured on the leaflet are the lists of instructions and materials included and needed. They were very easy to follow since they were written in detail.

There are also corresponding illustrations for every step of the process so it was easy to monitor if I was doing it correctly or not.

Everything in my box!

To create our wooden frame base, we used wood pieces, a hammer, and 1-inch nails.

We also used wood gel stain, foam brush, and a pair of gloves for protecting the wood frame.

For the design, we used screw eye hooks and 12 feet long 3-ply strings.

More materials! Here are white strings, pliers, pencil, and more 1-inch nails.

Here’s a complete set of the alphabet-themed reusable stencil.

We started by applying the gel stain on all the wooden pieces with the foam brush using long, even strokes in the same direction as the wood grain to cover everything including the edges.

Hammer a 1-inch nail through the small wooden pieces and into each of the three larger pieces. Flip it over and hammer another 1-inch nail through the middle panel to secure the signage from both directions.

Using the stencils, trace the letter of your desired design using the pencil, and make sure to trace it pretty dark enough.

Once done with all the tracing, we can now start putting nails on the traced letters.

Hammering nails on the letter is pretty easy task to do, but you should also make sure to that the height of every nails are evenly hammered through.

Tie the white string tightly around the starting nail, then trace the string around the outline of the first letter and loop it around every other nail.

Continue the process for the rest of the letters until the entire outline is complete!

After completing the design, it’s now time to install the screw eye hooks used for hanging the sign.

Tightly screw-in the screw eye hooks into the pilot holes, then cut your hanging twine to your desired length and tie it to each hook.

Here’s our final product! Our own string art wood sign kit!

If you’re looking for a way to pass time productively, this subscription is an excellent choice. The projects they feature are always fun and enjoyable. The kits are complete with materials and even an instruction sheet that you can easily follow. This month’s featured Adult & Crafts project is about making a string wood art and we’re definitely satisfied with the output. We’re looking forward to other projects!

What do you think of this month’s box?

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