Three Main Cleaners Starter Kit Review + 50% Off Coupon

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ThreeMain offers member-exclusive access and pricing for innovative and super-simple green household cleaners. Your first package is The Clean Green Starter Kit, which includes one bottle of Multi-Surface Cleaner, Liquid Dish Soap, and Bathroom Cleaner. The Clean Green Starter Kit is $22.99. You can get refills every 1, 2, or 3 months, and request a pre-paid return recycling label when you’re ready to recycle your empty refill pouches. Refills are $3.99 for cleaner and $6.99 for dish soap.

DEALGet 50% off your Clean Green Starter Kit when you subscribe to refills! Just use this link, no coupon code required.

NOTE: refill subscriptions can be cancelled at any time after the first refill order payment is processed. If a refill subscription payment has already processed, the cancellation will go into effect after the processed shipment is fulfilled.

We were welcomed with an info card on top of all the items. Each bottle was securely packed inside a brown recyclable cardboard box.

There were three light blue aluminum bottles with spraying nozzles. No glass, no worrying about shattering, lightweight, easy to store, and infinitely reusable.

Everything in my Clean Green Starter Kit!

The info card contains all the necessary information about Three Main’s products and even listed out all the simple and effective ingredients that they use. The cleaners included in this box are the Multi-surface Cleaner, Liquid Dish Soap, and Bathroom Cleaner,

What’s best about Three Main is everything they send are all made from 100% sustainable ingredients, certified non-toxic, biodegradable, and pet-friendly.

There were three sets inside the box and each set comes with a refill liquid, a reusable bottle, and its corresponding spray nozzle. They made it really easy to purchase refill subscriptions and get your hassle-free refills without worrying about the plastic trash from the usual cleaners in the house.

These are easy to assemble! The instructions are found on the info card as well. Just open the refill pouch, take off the aluminum caps from the refillable bottles, pour the cleaning liquid and replace it with the appropriate spraying pump/nozzles. Voila! We’re all set!

I absolutely approve of anything zero-waste or close to it and Three Main has greatly answered that need to help the environment and at the same time help me keep our home clean. Talk about hitting two birds in one stone! It saves space with the refillable option, eliminates the single-use plastic with its reusable aluminum sprayer bottle and, most of all, saves money because we only need to buy the refills!

Multi-Surface Cleaner. Both the ThreeMain multi-surface cleaner and bathroom cleaner have the same exact ingredients, which I find a good thing given the cleaning power strength for both. They were only separated by providing another bottle to prevent contamination or spreading whatever germs can be found in the bathroom. It comes in a 16-fluid ounce bottle container and the liquid is almost half a liter so it’s just the right amount to store.

Surprisingly, this liquid cleaner is made of five simple and natural ingredients only – water, a naturally derived surfactant from coconut and palm oil, hydrogen peroxide, citric acid , and organic lemon oil for the subtle aroma. No harmful and toxic chemicals involved. I love that they even have a recycling program for their empty pouches after refilling the containers and leaving the plastic empty. Despite being gentle on its formula, this multi-purpose cleaner is really tough on dirt and stains. It can easily be used to clean any surfaces and leaves that subtle lemon scent which is not irritating at all.

Bathroom Cleaner. As I’ve mentioned, it has the same formula with the multi-purpose cleaner but works a tough job cleaning all the messy surfaces in the bathroom including the mirrors, sink, the tiles, almost everything is spot on clean! The lemon scent that it leaves behind makes the bathroom fresh-smelling as well!

I let it sit for a few minutes (since we all know how nasty every bathroom is in general) and it works its magic on build-ups especially in the sink with all the soap scum.

Both of these cleaners pretty much contain the same contents and therefore has the same cleaning power. The spout pouch is closed by means of a plastic screw cap.

The aluminum bottle is light blue. It’s not just aesthetically-pleasing, it’s also pretty lightweight.

Liquid Dish Soap. The aluminum bottle comes in a tall, slender shape that’s easy to hold and grip. Unlike the two other cleaners, this liquid dish soap comes with a spray pump due to its viscous liquid formula. I love how nice the smell is and it leaves the dishes clean-smelling without any signs of grease.

One pump of the liquid soap gives a nice lather and cleans well enough. I noticed it doesn’t have the same lather and bubbles as with my other dishwashing liquid soaps but it rinses easily and leaves no smell at all especially with the glasses.

The liquid dish soap ingredients are: water, a naturally derived surfactant from coconut and palm oil, sodium hyaluronate, sodium gluconate, lemon oil, xanthan gum, and vegetable glycerin.

The spray pump gives a generous amount of soap in just one pump.

The spray nozzle comes with four settings: “Spray,” “Stream,” and two “Off” settings in between which makes it really easy to use.

True to its claim, ThreeMain is simple, sustainable yet effective. I love how eco-friendly their products are!

I am happy that there are now ways to clean our homes, protect our family’s health, and at the same time save our planet by going beyond green. ThreeMain has made the house cleaning experience more enjoyable and less harmful to the environment with all of its eco-friendly cleaners, which are made with natural, bacteria-fighting ingredients. I love that they make their products with the gentlest formula yet these are so tough in terms of cleaning power! Once you run out, you can easily purchase the refill subscription for an auto-refill or there is also an option for one-time purchase of the refill pouches. For a household like ours with kids and furbabies, ThreeMain is a must-have!

What do you think of ThreeMain?

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