LUXSB – Luxury Scent Box Subscription Box Review + Coupon – January 2020

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LUXSB – Luxury Scent Box is a subscription fragrance service that wants you to “LOVE LIFE WITH PERFUME™”! They send you the perfume or cologne of your choice for $15 a month ($5 extra for premium scents). You can choose your own scents or let them pick for you based on answers you give on a short quiz. They have tons of authentic designer and niche fragrances for you to choose from, which they decant into bottles before shipping. You can choose month-to-month or pay for 11 months and get the 12th month free! Shipping is always free.

DEAL: Get $5 off your first box! Use coupon code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION. Applies to new members only.

When you create your account there is a short questionnaire that you fill in so that Luxury Scent Box will know what types of scents you prefer.

Luxury Scent Box has a huge assortment of fragrances, including niche and designer choices such as Black Opium and TokyoMilk. Note that Premium fragrances are $5 extra. You can also search by brand or fragrance note to find something you might love.

Everything in my box! You can add additional fragrances to your account and even purchase extra cases if you like. New members receive a case with their first order and a new case every quarter. The Premium $20 membership includes a new case every month (in addition to those pricier scents).

I found a card in my shipping bag.

The back of the card showed how to use the case, reminded me to review my fragrance and add fragrances to my calendar, and told me how to share photos on social media.

I also found a velvet bag to carry my sprayer around so it won’t get scratched!

I received two fragrances this month! You can sign up to receive two fragrances every month or purchase an extra scent when you want to as an add on.

Each fragrance came with a new case.

Mancera Soleil D’Italie Eau De Parfum ($20 subscription price, $180 for 120ml) is a floral woody musk with notes of bergamot, musk, rose, and vetiver. It is a unisex scent and from a new-to-me brand.

Despite the citrus burst, I don’t think I would save this for a summer day, I think it is strong and better suited for the changing seasons. It is fresh without smelling like soap. I think it has some floral notes but they aren’t the main attraction. While vetiver is usually quite prominent on my skin, I just can’t smell it here. There are some woodsy notes that I can’t quite place that are providing the warmth I am detecting. The longevity on my skin was decent and lasted until about midday, although it lasted forever on my clothes. Projection was also average, and I felt comfortable wearing this scent to work.

Mancera Instant Crush Eau De Parfum ($20 subscription price, $95 for 60ml) Instant Crush is a unisex oriental floral scent. Instant Crush is right – I fell for this scent immediately!

Scent notes include citrus, rose, amber, vanilla, and white musk. I think it smells like fruit (including pineapple, at least on my skin!) that is just about to ferment, so it is rich, heavy, and sweet but not cloying. It is warm and that rose note is deep and sensual. There is some musk, but the base note on my body is ambroxan. It is sexy, mature, and perfect for date night. Longevity and projection are both amazing, and I can’t keep from sniffing my arm all day long, I am in love!

I was totally entranced with my new scents from Luxury Scent Box! I let LUXSB choose my scents for me and I am always pleased, plus they send some amazing niche brands that I never would have discovered on my own. I was excited to try two scents from Mancera, I know I would love to try some of their other fragrances based on how much I enjoyed the two I tried this month. They were both so different from each other and fit my different moods, whether I wanted a sexy fragrance or a comforting one.

Have you tried Luxury Scent Box? Let me know in the comments!

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Box Review

LUXSB – Luxury Scent Box is a fragrance subscription service offering authentic designer and niche perfume and cologne. Members discover their scent with a 30-day monthly fragrance supply for $15.00/month (other membership plans available at checkout for no charge to premium fragrances.) Love Life With Perfume ™ Explore over 500 designer & niche perfumes and colognes with Luxury Scent Box perfume subscription. Free Shipping.

00 per month

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    I Love LUXSB

    • Deb

      Hi Sally Phdd, I have to agree, I love LUXSB too! So many wonderful scent offerings!