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Little World Builder is a monthly subscription box that sends educational themed world-building kits for kids. The box costs £18 (about $22) each month, and you can save when you go for 4 or 7-month plans, and they also have a gift plan for £35 (about $42). Each month, you will receive a box that contains activities, crafts, and 3D puzzles that will teach the kids about world buildings and cultures. The box is perfect for kids ages 6 to 11. Examples of the great building projects are the Taj Mahal of India, Empire State Building of the United States, and other famous architectural wonders!

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This is a review of the Big Ben Kit. You can also check out our Builder Kit review of the starter box!

The box it came with has a cute Little World Builder Big Ben postal stamp!

The logo is emblazoned in front of the box!

All the items were also packaged and wrapped nicely with a yellow tissue paper, sealed with a sticker.

Some of the materials also came in plastic packaging.

The letter welcomes us to our second box! Also, the note explains a lot about the box, its goal to teach the kids about the history of buildings, and what other fun activities are in the box.

It also has a Box Guide that lists all the contents of the box.

We’re really excited about doing all these!

Everything in my box!

This Big Ben Tower is part of the activity pack included inside the box.

At the back, it says that it’s a “VIP Admission Ticket” for your “trip” to the Big Ben!

It also came with a set of crayons that has the Little World Builder sticker on it.

We even got a self-inflating balloon!

It came with an instruction sheet and it says you have to color then pop the water bag inside.

My son just went right into it!

This coloring activity helps our kids develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination which is a really important part of their learning.

Not only that, but it also stimulates their creativity!

This balloon is really cool! You just have to smash it a bit so you can pop a small bag inside to inflate it.

Then, just shake it up a little and it will expand right before your eyes!

This next item got us really excited! It feels like we’re having our own little family vacation ourselves, all while bonding with the kids in making this 3D Big Ben puzzle!

There are instructions on the side of the box and they’re quite simple.

Here’s a look of what you will find inside! These parts can be popped out of the board so you can start assembling the Big Ben.

We also got a cute postcard!

At the back, there’s a letter from Hailey and Caesar telling us everything about their awesome journey to the Big Ben in England! This also gave us a clue about where our next destination will be!

This Building Note was made by Hailey as mentioned in the postcard. It has information about the Big Ben, from when it was built and even the name of the tower that houses it!

There is a lot of great information in this Building Note! My kids surely learned a lot!

With that, we can’t wait to start building our tower!

These boys were so excited, they were already popping out the pieces!

This is another way to help develop their fine motor skills. Truly a great activity!

My older son is focused on making sure all the edges are properly aligned.

And this little guy right here is having fun with folding and snapping things into place!

We’re almost done! Just a few final pieces!

There you have it, the Big Ben! My kids put it on top of the yellow box

It looks great. This is a fun addition to our display shelf!

This box also includes activity sheets, like this puzzle maze.

I love it because it teaches kids to think on their feet and help boost their problem-solving skills!

There are also other activities like this one where you can draw your own Big Ben.

Another activity is checks if you know how to read a clock.

This one is like a pop quiz, checking to see if you have read the information from the postcards and the building notes. The kids loved all the activities and they had fun answering the Telling of the Time part!

For this month, we got England-themed stickers to add to our scrapbook (the one we got from the first box!).

We also got an Activities Stickers sheet!

This is the page we put on our scrapbook. The kids can design it the way they want!

Now it’s decorating time!

Let’s celebrate our success in building our very first 3D puzzle!

My boys added a photo of them together with Hailey and Caesar!

Here’s another photo of the boys with Big Ben. It’s a great way to celebrate their success in building this 3D puzzle!

The box also includes an award certificate! My kids now have the title “Little World Builder of Big Ben”!

Now that we’re done with our Big Ben, it’s time to put it on the map!

This map came with the first box and we got the sticker from this month’s Activities Sticker sheet. We’re going to be putting more stickers here to celebrate our achievements in building these awesome monuments!

He’s already excited for the next box!

My boys did a really great job!

All the pieces fit perfectly! This will really be a great addition to our display cabinet. It will also have a very special value because my kids did this themselves, with only a little help from us.

We’re finally done with this set! Hailey and Caesar mentioned something about India in the postcard so we’re looking forward to that!

This was an awesome start! When we finished, the boys were already excited about when the next box would come! They were so happy with the activity sheets and with building the Big Ben. Who knows, they could be architects and engineers someday. While that’s still a long way to go since they’re still so young, having these types of activities bring out the best in our children. This helps them learn about new things from different places and boost their imagination while learning about world buildings, their histories and cultures. This is a great bonding opportunity for the whole family as well!

What do you think of this month’s Little World Builder box?

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