The Gentleman’s Box January 2020 Review + Coupon

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The Gentleman’s Box is a monthly men’s subscription box providing the required essentials for the savvy man. Boxes contain specially-selected items that range from accessories to grooming. When you subscribe, you also receive a subscription to GQ magazine for your first year, which is delivered separately through the mail. Boxes start at $24 per month.

TIP: This box is still available through the last day of the month!

DEAL: Save $5 on your first regular box. Use coupon code HELLO.

The presentation is simple and elegant, making this a great ready-to-gift subscription.

They usually have some interior packaging to protect any watches, cufflinks, or other delicate items but since we don’t have those this month, the items just came neatly placed inside the box.

Each box includes a copy of The Gentleman’s Post, a well-designed booklet describing the products in the box and offering styling suggestions for each one. This month’s box is dedicated to honoring our favorite Pound for Pound Warrior!

The Gentleman’s Tip No. 117:

A gentleman knows its not about getting what you want all the time, but loving what you have and being grateful for it.

The Gentlemen’s Post walks through everything in the box, and more. There is a handy table of contents that gives a quick list of the contents and the total retail value of the box. They regularly have a feature that introduces us to members of the Gentleman’s Box team.

The booklet starts off with a style guide to give you some visual cues on wear and pairing options.

Every page is dedicated to each item — they include the usual picture and blurb, but they also include a handy section denoting the level of attire (e.g. formal, business, casual) for which the item is appropriate, as well as colors that best complement it.

They also sometimes have discount promotions littered throughout.

This month, the booklet even includes a feature about ways on improving yourself in 2020!

Every booklet also includes a Gentleman’s Exclusive Deal of the Month. This month, they gave us a $30 off a Premium Subscription – just use code GPOST30.

We also got a 25% off coupon code from Hyper Go.

Everything in my January 2020 box!

Hyper Go Travel Wipes ($3.98) Design for active men, we got two wipes that help remove sweat and odor without the need for soap and water. Both are full-body wipes, but one is fragrance-free and the other is infused with refreshing mint.

They come in slim packs, so I was able to slip them in the pocket of my bag without any difficulties. It’s also easy to take out and use whenever I need to freshen up when I’m outdoors. Both variants are great but my favorite is the one with refreshing mint because of its extra cooling effect.

Windsor Tie Co. Tie ($29) One of the items I look forward to in every Gentleman’s Box is the tie! This month, they wowed me once again as they sent me a classic tie with black and white stripes.

This tie is monochromatic, but what makes it special is its versatility and the added touch of class on my overall look.

The materials used have a smooth and soft feel. It’s lightweight and easy to tie as well.

Lockstep Apparel Socks ($15) To match the tie, I got monochromatic socks made with 75% cotton, 23% nylon, and 2% spandex.

The crew cut socks have gray heels and toes. The cuffs are in black, just like the rest of the socks.

Tiny white blocks create a flower-like pattern on the socks. These are a classic, just like the tie. I like their grip and the comfort level exceeded my expectations!

Soft Landing Collar Stays ($20) The collar stays come with a brown faux leather case. This makes it easy to bring anywhere, like travels and other important events.

Each collar stay has a slot inside. They fit snuggly, so there’s no chance for them to slip and get lost.

I got the collar stays in three different sizes because not all collars are the same. They’re all light and not bulky at all, keeping my collar firm and myself looking well-put-together.

Barry Beaux Bow Tie ($35) It’s a bow tie! Men need at least a good and versatile one of this in their wardrobe, and I think I finally found mine.

I like that’s it’s adjustable. I didn’t have to struggle when putting this on and it stays comfortable even when I wear it for most of the day.

Here’s how the bow tie looks like! The bow itself is gray with subtle slanted lines while the middle is black with patterns similar to that of the socks.

This month’s ensemble is truly an astonishing one!

For men who dress up on a regular basis, The Gentleman’s Box is one of the most useful subscriptions there is! The accessories they pick always exude sophistication, and they make sure to include tips so you know which to pair with which. Their themes are also well-thought-out, that’s why I couldn’t ask for more. Now, I’m more excited about future boxes!

Visit Gentleman’s Box to subscribe or find out more!


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