Space & Beyond Box Review – January 2020 + Coupon

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The Space & Beyond Box is an astronomy-themed subscription box specially designed for space enthusiasts from Astronomy magazine. The box offers three subscription plans: the Quarterly plan (pay for each box when it ships for $49.95/quarter), the 2-Quarter plan (pay for 2 boxes at a time for $46.70/box), and the Annual plan (pay for 4 boxes upfront $44.80/box). Each quarter, they have a specific topic that you can explore, and appreciate the wonders of the universe without the need to get out of the house. The box contains 5 to 7 high-quality items, hand-selected by the editors of Astronomy magazine, and they will range from globes to notebooks, scientific posters, books, 3-D models, space artifacts, collectibles, astronomy gear, and more, valued for more than $80!

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A wide open sky is out there calling you.

The box encourages you to “make space for some cool new things.”

The items are individually packaged and are protected by brown squiggles.

Everything in our box!

Space Particles: Moon Edition ($6) The box included a magazine entitled Space Particles. It’s also an exclusive issue that talks about the moon!

Dive deeper into a thoughtfully curated collection of articles, interviews, images, and analysis tailored to each Space & Beyond Box. In this issue, we’ll re-live the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, sit down for exclusive interviews with Jim Lovell, analyze lunar light rays in-depth and more!

The magazine also hints about the next box, launching in February 2020!

It also lists the items included in this month’s box, and they also included descriptions for each of them.

One of the articles in the magazine is about Neil Armstrong’s step into the moon!

The article included some photos of the voyage! It’s simply amazing!

There’s also an interview with Jim Lovell, the only guy to fly to the moon twice but never stepped on its surface.

This is really a nice read for astronomy enthusiasts!

There are interesting reads about the moon as well.

They show us the different phases of the moon through photos and added a brief description for each so that we can understand the cycle further.

They even talked about Apollo 8’s voyage to the moon!

Here’s another awesome article, which is about the brave women who explored the moon. They proved that this mission is not just for the guys!

The box also included info and quotes from prominent space people, like this one from Kalpana Chawla, an American astronaut.

The Lunar Renaissance Orbiter, also known as the LRO, reveals the look of the moon. The image was captured during a two-week period in December 2010.

The other page details LRO imaging and shares more moon facts.

Astronomy Moon Globe ($30) We usually see a globe model for the earth, so in this box, they included a version for our moon!

The moon globe comes with an Astronomy Magazine base.

The 6″ globe does not only include craters, landmarks like mountain ranges and highlands on the moon, but they also labeled the moon landings!

Apollo 11 Mission Patch ($11) Apollo 11 was the spaceflight that debuted man’s landing on the moon. To commemorate the voyage’s 50th anniversary, they included a replica of the exact same patch that Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins wore. It features an eagle carrying an olive branch which symbolizes the peacefulness of the mission.

Moonstruck Memos ($8) The cover of the next item features John F. Kennedy’s famous line:

We choose to go to the moon.

I love collecting sticky notes. These space-themed ones are lovely and I’m happy to add them to my collection!

There are several sizes and shapes for the notepads! It’s so cool!

Among these pads, I love the moon-shaped ones! They’re perfect for notes and other stuff that I need to remember, I just have to stick it to my memory board!

Lunar Exploration Poster ($7) The poster is carefully packaged in a black tube.

The poster details major lunar exploration milestones!

It lists everything from Luna 1 on January 4, 1959, up to the recent Beresheet on April 11, 2019!

It also marks the Moon Landings on the moon’s image so you can tell where the explorations took place!

Bonus: AstroReality Lunar AR Notebook ($20) This Lunar AR notebook lets us experience the moon 360° without having to set our foot on it!

The ruled notebook measures 120 x 170 mm and comes with 48 dot matrix pages plus 128 plain white pages made with acid-free paper.

It even comes with this strip of paper with notes about the moon.

The cover has an amazing image of the moon! It’s like I’ve already come this close to it!

To start with your exploration, you have to download the “AstroReality” app from your device and launch it! Scan the QR code on this page and tap the “Notebook” section on the app. Scan the “DIANA” image marker on the other page and enjoy your exploration and mission!

I also love the high-quality images presented inside the notebook! It’s really amazing!

I was in awe with this box, especially my kids who love space explorations and astronomy-related stuff! The box took us to an out-of-this-world adventure, and they also included amazing items like the moon globe and the magazine. It’s nice to know that there are many successful voyages to the moon. For this first box, our curiosity is satisfied with all the information, and with how they are creatively made, like the AR notebook! We’re looking forward to more amazing space-themed stuff in the upcoming boxes – this subscription is just perfect for a space nut!

What do you think of this month’s box?

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