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I Create Art is a unique monthly art subscription for kids. The box costs $35 per month and comes with free shipping for quarterly, semi-annual, and annual subscriptions. Each month, the shipment includes 2 new art projects, complete with materials, instructions, and resources.  The box may contain painting to crafts where kids will learn something new, and they also give you access to instructional YouTube videos for the kids.

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  • A 3-month plan will include free Design Your Bag ($9.99 value) plus free shipping.
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The box looks fun with images of kids and parents doing the crafts!

The bottom of the box lists down the benefits of art, as well as the box inclusions.

There’s also a big “Thank You” text when you open the box.

The contents are wrapped in white tissue paper sealed with the brand’s sticker.

We’re excited to take out the contents of the box and start the projects right away!

There are also information sheets that list down the projects, instructions, materials, and more information about the box.

Everything in our box!

For this box, we will be focusing on the kids’ observation skills as they make their own still life. The first project is the bowl of fruit that they need to draw and color, while the second one is the tessellation project where their patience will be tested out. Also, small motor skills are put to good use in the second project, as they cut and trace the tiles.

The box also shared some ways on how to keep the creativity flowing!

They also encourage us to share the art on Facebook by uploading a photo and including #icreateartkit. The team will be randomly selecting one or two images each month and include them in the printed materials.

The box comes with accessories like an apron, a pocket color wheel, a carrying case, Good Hangups art display, extra lesson plans, and extra materials pack.

The box came with lots of transfer paper, and smaller paper sheets.

I think we have enough sheets for the kids, and even us adults to try out the projects!

Here’s the template for the bowl of fruit!

The kit included a set of acrylic paints, and it came with 3 different sized paintbrushes.

There are also 3 pieces of pencils with erasers and a set of dual tip color markers.

The projects are separated and each is wrapped in different colored tissue paper, sealed with the project title as sticker label.

Project 1: Fruit Bowl. The first project is wrapped in green tissue paper. Called the Fruit Bowl, this project will focus on your observation skills!

The project contains more information sheet for the project. It includes some bowl of fruit reference images, and another sheet has the rundown of all the materials, the vocabulary used, instructions, and tips and tricks for using acrylic paints.

Aside from reference images, the info sheet also gives us more info not just about the project, but also the subject that we’re using, which are the fruits! It’s actually a good read and you’ll learn a lot from it.

It even comes with sequence notes, which tells us more about sequence drawings. There are also suggestions on how to modify the art project, according to age.

Here’s the sequence drawing for the bowl of fruit. For kids, they can add more colors to the whole picture, without leaving any white spaces. For adults, they can add more fruits or other details!

We’re ready to make our own Fruit Bowl drawing! We traced the reference image first using the canvas paper and pencil.

Here’s a clear outline of the bowl with fruits on it.

We used the included acrylic paints and brushes to add color to our fruit bowl sketches!

Having a reference image is amazing as we know what to do and how we’ll finish the artwork easily.

The kids enjoyed painting their own fruit bowls.

They have the same fruits, and the only difference with each of their work is the bowl color and background! My son had a yellow fruit bowl.

My daughter used very vibrant colors on her work, and she even included some shadowing and shading on her fruits, making them look more realistic!

Here’s a closer look at my daughter’s version of the fruit bowl!

Here are the finished Fruit Bowls of my kids, each of them had different styles, and I like seeing these differences, as all end up looking amazing!

Project #2: Tessellation. Our next project is making a tessellation and the corresponding information sheets were wrapped in an aqua-colored tissue paper. Tessellation is an arrangement of shapes closely fitted together, it may be a repeated pattern of shapes or polygons without gaps.

Like all the projects in this box, it also came with info sheets that tells us more about the project and contains some reference images, and artist instructions.

It shows us one of the reference images which looks like they have the same design and just have different colors. The sheets also share some tips and tricks for tracing and coloring.

Here we are making some tile patterns!

This tile pattern really looks uniform!

Here’s what my daughter did. She used curvy edges on her tiles, and she used different colors on them as well.

A few days later my son busted out all the paints again and worked on a fruit bowl all by himself! The lesson really stuck with him!

Our very first I Create Art Kit got my kids’ creative juices flowing! We love that the subscription already provides all the needed information, materials, and even tips and tricks for our family to make our own amazing artworks. We love this new box so much, and I love seeing my kids learn something new from these kinds of art subscriptions. It’s easier to start with them when you have an idea of what you’re going to do. We had so much fun sketching, tracing, and coloring both the fruit bowls and tessellations! If you’re looking for a worthwhile project for your kids and the whole family, this box is for you!

What do you think about the I Create Art Kit?

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