Heady Mix – Review? Book Subscription From Underrepresented Writers!

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Heady Mix, a book subscription featuring characters from diverse groups that are written by underrepresented, but talented authors, is now available! Plan starts at £12 for 1 novel monthly (The Monthly Mix), £14.95 for 1 short story bimonthly (The Light Mix), £24.95 for 1 novel and 1 short story bimonthly (The Select Mix), and £34.50 for 2 novels and 1 short story bimonthly (The Heady Mix).

Discover new exciting fiction featuring characters from diverse groups written by talented authors from underrepresented groups, You’ll enjoy a unique new reading experience as you’re immersed into new countries and new cultures and entirely new perspectives. Books are carefully selected to highlight and challenge stereotypes.

About Heady Mix:

Finally, a simple way for you to read diverse fiction

Have you ever walked into a bookshop and been tired of seeing the same authors and books? Have you scoured the internet looking for what to read next? Perhaps you have felt a tad guilty that your To Be Read list is lacking in diversity. Don’t worry, we have been there too; really wanting to read fiction that is geniunely new, challenging, different… books that will leave a lasting impression that will make you open your eyes and see amazing new perspectives.

That’s where we come in, Heady Mix, we’re here so you can spend less time trying to find what to read next, and trying to find diverse books that will help you grow. And we do this so you can spend more of your time reading wonderful books that showcase underrepresented groups.

Here’s how it works:

1. Join the membership – It’s really simple to join Heady Mix. Just click the red ‘sign up’ button at the end of this section, and select your membership

2. We curate your box – We then send you a fantastic collection of stories – all centred around a theme that showcases underrepresented groups

3. Enjoy a unique experience – Relax as the book box immerses you into a heady mix of inspiring  & enlightening stories by emerging writers around the world

What you’ll get:

  • Save lots of time- Looking to expand your reading? The Heady Mix subscription book box makes it fast and easy for you to discover and read diverse stories
  • Handpicked selection – We take the time to select the best diverse stories so you can enjoy enlightening works written by talented authors from around the world
  • Plane ticket for your mind – You’ll be taken on a fascinating journey to new, exciting perspectives from diverse communities, cultures and countries
  • Exclusive works – We’re not like other book boxes – we help you read & think differently with our own published collection of short stories & essays

Are you getting anything from Heady Mix? Do you want to see more about this book subscription in a review


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