Disney Bedtime Adventure Subscription Box Review – December 2019

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Disney Bedtime Adventure Subscription Box is a monthly Disney subscription that delivers bedtime items! Boxes include Disney pajamas, a storybook, stickers, a bath or grooming product, and bedtime activity cards! Subscription starts at $32.99 for the regular box and $59.99 for the Deluxe version, with discounts for longer subscriptions.

This is a review of the Deluxe version.

You can get this box on a month to month basis, but if you don’t want it that frequently, just select a different option:

For one-year subscriptions, boxes are delivered monthly. For quarterly subscriptions, one box is delivered every 3 months. For customized schedules, the purchaser selects the months to receive a box.

When you sign up, you’ll input your child’s name, size, and pick a character for your first box!

The box itself looks magical with all those doodles and images!

All the goodies are neatly stashed inside. They were wrapped with white paper.

The bottom contains instructions on how to go about the box.

It’s Christmas Eve, and Mickey Mouse must use Santa’s sleigh to help deliver Christmas mail! Let’s join him on this ho-ho-holiday adventure. Start by reading the enclosed storybook. Then mix up the activity cards and select one at random from each category.

Now play out the instructions on each card as you perform the activities. Let’s get started!

I’m so excited to see what they have in store for us! There’s even a Rewards Chart on the inner part of the box.

This is the card we saw upon opening the box. It contains a message from Disney Bedtime Adventure!

We have to keep this card! Each box comes with a special sticker, and they’re meant to be collected here.

Everything in my box!

Adventure Sticker Sheet. Well, my kids are obsessed with stickers so I knew for sure they’d go crazy with this, and lo and behold, they did!

I like that it’s not hard to peel it off from the backing. Some stickers tend to cling to the backing, this one doesn’t so we had no trouble using them.

Bedtime Activity Card. This is a wonderful idea to help your kids establish a fun bedtime routine!

Each night, you can make the kids choose 1 from each category (color-coded) and they have to do it before going to bed. These are the usual items they do before bed like taking a quick shower, brushing teeth, etc., but with a twist! This way, the kids can enjoy their bedtime routine!

Minnie Mouse Plush. Who isn’t obsessed with Minnie? She has a cute winter outfit going on and we’re loving it!

This plush toy is super cuddly, and since it’s small, my daughter can bring it anywhere she likes, even beside her in bed.

Mickey Mouse Christmas Stocking. This Disney stocking is a cute and adorable Christmas decoration! It has a sturdy lining, and beautiful embroidered details.

It has Minnie waving hello at us while skiing along the mountains.

The opening is wide and it’s also pretty spacious, so you can put various kinds of gifts inside. It even comes with a loop that you can use to hang the stocking on a door or window.

Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Flies The Christmas Mail

IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE, and Mickey must use Santa’s sleigh to help deliver the Christmas mail! Originally published in 1956, this classic Little Golden Book features vintage Disney artwork that is sure to delight young readers.

The back of the book has details of the other stories they have in their collection.

The book has classic Disney illustrations. They easily got my daughter’s attention!

Aside from the colorful and well-detailed illustrations, the story itself is also fun and engaging. I’m not going to tell you how many times I had to read this story.

Christmas Pajamas. These pajamas are the most comfortable! The fabric used is soft to the touch and very gentle on the skin. It’s cozy but still lightweight!

The top features Minnie in her holiday outfit. There’s also a text that says “Did someone say, presents?”

The bottom has an “ugly Christmas sweatshirt” vibe, with dominant colors green and red. Seriously, this pajama set is too cute! If you’re not used to Disney jams, size up, they run snug.

This is even cuter!

The Disney Bedtime Adventure Box is really fun! Honestly, I probably enjoyed it as much as the kids! I really think that Bedtime Activity Card is a genius idea. It’s a really fun way to establish a bedtime routine that the kids enjoy and never get tired of! The pajama set was also really good. It fits my daughter well and she just loves wearing the comfy pair. She’s obsessed with the Minnie Mouse, and honestly is at peak Mickey Mouse Clubhouse obssession, so this subscription’s at the top of her list for bedtime fun! Overall, we’re really happy with everything they put together in this box! To be sure, the value in this box is in a pre-set gift, and we think it would be perfect as a special gift from a grandparent!

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