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Universal Yums is an international snack subscription! Featuring a new country each month, the box contains unique and delicious snacks that are either difficult or impossible to find in US stores. They promise to always include a variety of sweet and savory snacks, all with the featured country’s distinct flavors and spices. Each box also comes with an interactive guidebook containing an explanation of why they chose each snack, as well as trivia, games, recipes, and other cultural features!

There are three available box sizes:

  • Yum Box – 6+ snacks plus a 12-page booklet for $14 a month
  • Yum Yum – 12+ snacks plus a 16-page booklet and other bonus content for $25 a month
  • Super Yum Box – 20+ snacks plus a 20-page booklet and other bonus content for $39 a month

This is the review of the Yum Yum box!

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The exterior of the box features cute doodles.

The sticker on the box gives us a clue about what country is featured this month.

As always, all the snacks were covered with the booklet.

This month, the snacks we received are from Spain!

The box is full to brim!

Included inside the box is a sheet that features the map of Spain, along with a brief description of what each town and island in the country is famous for.

The back of the sheet includes a secret puzzle and a fun game entitled “Color, Colorcito.” At the top is The Official Yum Awards, where you can rate the snacks!

Aside from the sheet, we also got an awesome booklet that contains a brief history of the featured country and the snacks inside the box.

They even provided a sneak peek for next month’s box!

This booklet makes the snacking experience even more exciting! It helps us to get to know more about Spain, their local culture, and even a bit about their local language.

Another feature on the booklet is a trivia quiz.

Each snack comes with a photo and a long description in the booklet!

They even included some trivia or history about the snack and how it might taste! I’m getting more and more excited!

We loved reading this before taking a bite on this month’s yums!

Of course, we can’t talk about Spain without mentioning The Running of the Bulls and Spanish Art 101!

The booklet even included a recipe for Tortilla de Patatas!

Everything in my box!

Vidal Gummi Spicy Mangos. Spicy Mangos is an extremely hot commodity. In fact, it is the newest European craze and Spain is the only country in the EU producing them. This snack has a fruity flavor with a bit of chili spice at the end. The unique combination of flavors makes me binge them and keep asking for more!

Aspil Palomitas Sabor Ketchup y Mostaza. It’s a baked corn snack with ketchup and mustard flavor, giving it a slightly sour taste. Each piece is satisfyingly crunchy!

La Buela Anieves Artisan Potato Chips Mediterranean Herb. La Abuela Nieves is a popular potato merchant in Spain, well-known for its handmade potato chips. These chips are cooked using 100% sunflower oil, so it’s way healthier than your common potato snacks. I love the vivid and fresh taste of Mediterranean herbs. Each chip is lightly-seasoned and very crunchy!

Acho Pataticas Fritas Sabor Huevo Prito. It’s another famous potato snack from Spain, and this time, it’s mind-boggling as a potato chip but has a savory flavor of the fried egg. I love how light these chips are. They’re also perfectly seasoned with salt!

Aspil Aspitos. Here’s a baked corn snack that makes a nice on-the-go treat! Each small pack contains two long, yellow churro-like corn snacks. They’re made with a savory ham flavor, but it wasn’t as strong as we expected it to be. Still, it’s a light, airy, and crunchy snack you can enjoy anywhere!

Aspil Puntazos Mix. This snack is an assortment of fried and baked corn snacks with a mix of barbeque and chili flavors. These are so crunchy, flavorful, and the spice level can be tolerated. From corn chips to corn nuts, this is a great party snack mix. We have a standard American version of this mix snack and true enough, they have the same texture and crunch and the same big barbeque flavor.

Conguitos. These are milk chocolate-coated peanut snacks, like a Spanish version of M&Ms. The packet features a Conguitos character, which is also present on each chocolate ball along with a letter. They are certainly delicious and for a family with a sweet tooth like ours, this is a delightful treat.

Elgorriaga Galletas Rellenas con Crema Sabor Limon. Elgorriaga cookies are filled with lemon-flavored cream. The cookies are fresh, crispy and perfect as a snack or for dipping. We liked the crunchy biscuit, and the filling is also less spongy. The taste is so good, the sweetness is not overpowering and the citrus taste on the flavored cream gives a pleasant zing to the snack. 

Carmen Lupiañez Tortas de Aceite. This olive oil cookie is made with extra virgin olive oil, flour, sugar, almonds, green grain anise, and cinnamon. It’s a bit dense but probably due to the olive oil used. We love its unique texture and it is so tasty. An addition of any nut like cashew or almond could have greatly improved its quality and texture but we still like it!

Lacasitos Gold. These are white chocolate dragees with caramel, coated with gold-colored sugar. Resembles M&Ms with hard sugar coating but the sweetness is very mild and has white chocolate and caramel filling. If you are an M&Ms fan, you are in for a similar treat, but with a white chocolate/caramel and gold sugar-coating twist!

Lacasa Trufas. These are decadent dark chocolate truffles with a delicious layer of melt-in-your-mouth cocoa powder. Each piece is fudgy and they’re shaped just like Hershey’s kisses. To fully savor the truffles, it is recommended that you keep them an hour before eating to a storing temperature of 19-20ºC. In this way, your palate can fully optimize the maximum fullness of its rich taste and aroma.

Cortadillo Relleno de Crema. Sweet and rich, this moist cake snack is made with cream filling. I love the vanilla flavor, it’s not too sweet and it pairs well with hot beverages. It’s also quite filling.

Mantecado Relleno de Naranja. This shortbread comes with a tasty marmalade filling. It’s crumbly, so it’s messy to eat. Still, it’s a great snack because it’s moist and it definitely tastes good. After a bite or two, you’ll be welcomed by the sweet filling. I like the overall taste and it’s really something new to my tastebuds.

Universal Yum didn’t disappoint us with the variety of the goodies they sent this month! There’s a bunch of savory snacks with some sweet and chocolatey munchies. We found them pretty satisfying, especially because we all have a sweet tooth in the family. Spain is absolutely a great place with great snacks, and Universal Yums really did a great job showing it to us. It’s truly a fantastic way to get the whole family involved as well!

Have you tried Universal Yums? What do you think?

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  • Susan Burge

    I was a bit wary of the fried egg chips, as I don’t like fried eggs. However, they weren’t bad. Reminded me a little of the crispy edges of fried eggs, but that may have also been due to the power of suggestion. Passed off some of the things to my grandson and haven’t heard what he thought of them yet.