Scentbird for Men December 2019 Subscription Review & Coupon

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Scentbird For Men is a monthly cologne and Eau de parfum subscription. Each month, you get a thirty-day supply of your chosen cologne in a deluxe-size sprayer. 

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When you join you fill out a profile – including three of your favorite designer fragrances – then you make a wishlist of colognes you’d like to try. Your first month includes a metal tube sprayer case to hold your current cologne sprayer. You can add extra cases to an existing subscription for $12.95. For subsequent months, the cologne vial is packed in a cardboard tube.

Scentbird decants the cologne from the manufacturer’s bottle to an 8 ml glass vial with a pump sprayer. The colognes are 100% authentic, and you save a lot of money because of the repackaging and single-month portioning. Simply put, this is cheaper than a full-size bottle, and a good way to try out cologne and find out what suits your taste. You can buy an additional tube for each new month’s fragrance, use the vial without an outer case, or swap out the glass cologne vial and use the first month’s metal tube over and over again — whatever works best for you.

The flip side of the card reminds you how to use your sprayers and set up your queue to keep your favorites fragrances coming. You can manage your scent queue online and rate colognes you’ve tried to get better-tailored recommendations.

Everything inside my pack!

My November 2019 scent is Signature by English Laundry!

The back of the card gives you all the information you need to know about the scent. It also lists the main notes of the fragrance — making it easier to identify the components and figure out which ones you really love — you can then round out your queue by picking other fragrances that also have those elements.

As always, the kit comes with a custom-made black pouch with a very light and handy container, making it travel-ready even after just being removed from its case.

Featured on the top of the container is the logo of Scent Bird New York!

The glass vial is protected by a reusable black sleek metal tube that prevents possible breakage or any accidental leakage that may occur inside the bag!

English Laundry Signature Eau De Parfum – This month’s featured perfume entices us with its deep and rich fragrance. It opens with notes of bergamot and lemon, slowly transitioning to dried lavender and cedar.

The scent leaves a good impression, suitable to wear on almost any kind of occasion. Also, it lingers nicely throughout the day!

I’ve always been a fan of ScentBird, as they offer a wide array of perfumes from different known brands around the world at a reasonable price. Picking out a cologne in an actual store is really hard – so basically, this subscription saves me a lot of time and money looking for the scent that I want. I really love being able to choose any of their scents and try it at my own pace. If you enjoy wearing and collecting perfume, this is definitely the perfect subscription for you!

Have you tried ScentBird?

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