Pug Box November 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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Pug Box is a monthly subscription built for adorable pugs and their owners! Each monthly box contains fun toys and delicious treats for the dog, as well as a cool pug-themed item for the human. The regular Pug Box is priced at $27.50 a month and contains 4-6 items, while the Premium Pug Box is $36.50 a month and contains 5-7 items.

This is a review of the Premium box!

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There’s a pamphlet on top. No extra packaging here, but the items still arrived in perfect condition.

There are lots of fluffy items inside!

This pamphlet has all the details about this month’s items.

There’s also a card about this month’s premium toy, Kong Knots Carnival Elephant!

Everything in my November 2019 box!

Pug Cards. First, we got these really cute cards that we can use for writing notes when giving out gifts!

Aren’t they adorable? There’s ample space for a handwritten message and three cute pug drawings at the bottom.

Mouse Plush Toy. It’s a mouse plushie, ideal for a game of fetch or even just as a dog’s cuddle buddy.

It has grayish fur and it’s super soft!

My dogs loved the mouse plushie and played with it for literally hours on straight!

The size is just right for them to go around and carry this toy wherever in the house they want to play.

Patchwork Pet Mini Wild Tiger ($6.99) Here’s another fun plushie for our pups, a mini tiger!

This striped tiger plushie quickly caught their attention and they wouldn’t let it go since!

So far it has withstood our pups’ tough bites. Just like the mouse plushie, this one is also ideal for fetch games!

Kong Knots Carnival Elephant ($7.22) This toy is definitely on top of my dogs’ favorite stuffed-toys ever! It’s an elephant plushie featuring knots on the ends and you know what that means… tons of fun in tug of war games!

It has different textures for their chewing satisfaction and it’s very durable. Both my dogs played tug-of-war with this and it’s still good as ever!

The best thing is that the toy squeaks. The moment our dogs found that out, it’s over! They wouldn’t even let me hold it!

Caru Duck Recipe Baked Bites  Made with USDA-inspected duck, these baked bites are easily one of the best reward-food I give my dogs.

The full list of ingredients can be found at the back of the packaging. Aside from duck, it has chickpeas, blueberries, and cranberries as well.

If my pups could have these all the time, they would. It’s great because it doesn’t contain wheat, corn, or soy ingredients. I also found out that they make these in small batches to maintain the highest quality. Really, this is the perfect reward for good dogs!

Taj Ma-Hound Low Fat Cinnabones Here’s another pack of delicious dog treats! They’re made with quick oats and made tastier by cinnamon.

The label clearly states the ingredients. These cinnabones are low fat but are still packed with flavor that our dogs surely liked!

These square-shaped treats come in the perfect size for any pup to munch on! Each piece is crunchy as well.

Dogs Loves Hummus Chews ($9.96) Primarily made with chickpeas, this treat is rich in protein which is ideal for supporting a dog’s growth.

According to the packaging, this treat is made in the USA and also vegetarian!

This is a long-lasting dog chew so my pups munched on this for hours on end! They’re now officially a fan of chickpeas.

Another month of fun with PugBox! My pups loved everything in this month’s selection, from the toys to the treats. I love that they included the little note cards that I can use to send out Christmas notes for our loved ones. With this box, both dogs and humans are satisfied! I’m definitely excited to see what they’ll wow us with for next month’s box!

Not just for pugs! Mr. Dean looooves his new goodies!

What do you think of this month’s Pug Box?

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Pug Box

Pug Box is a subscription built for adorable pugs and their owners! Each monthly box contains fun toys and delicious treats for the dog, as well as a cool pug-themed item for the human.

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