Pet Treater Cat Pack November 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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Pet Treater is a subscription program for pets, delivering quality items like toys and treats. They offer 2 options for cats: a Cat Pack with 3-4 items ($15 a month) and a Multi-Cat Pack with 5-8 items ($25 a month). Your first pack will be filled with the most popular fan favorites! Also, the items are sent in a plastic bag, not in a box, but so far we’ve never had problems with it.

DEAL: Get 50% off your first month with coupon code CATPACK50.

The items arrived in a plastic pouch!

If you want to your kitty to be the next Pick of the Litter, you can submit their photo and follow the instructions indicated at the bottom part of this card.

At the back is a Pet Treater coupon code!

We also got here a super cute Thanksgiving-themed card!

Everything in my November 2019 box!

Bandana. It’s a black and white checkered bandana made from premium quality fabric.

As you look closely on the bandana, you can see a variety of prints that features different symbols that includes an image of a buffalo, bear, paw print, mountains, tree, and even a compass.

The bandana is also soft and lightweight!

Our Pets Cosmic Catnip Dispensing Toy ($13.15) It’s a 2-in-1 cat toy. Shaped like a dice, this treat-dispensing toy is made from premium quality materials and a 100% natural herb catnip.

The toy is made in China. The back of the carton includes detailed instructions on how to properly use it.

To use, open the top part of the dice, place some catnip herb inside it, close, and then give to your cat for them to enjoy. This catnip stimulates the playful reaction of a cat without producing any harmful effect on their body.

The Pardoned Turkey’s Thanksgiving Salmon Treats. This bag of Thanksgiving cat treats is made from grain-free superfood ingredients like chicken meal, potato flour, tapioca, pea protein, yellow peas, salmon, dried chicken, beets, rosemary, and many more!

Inside are bite-sized, salmon-shaped treats filled with vitamins and minerals such as potassium, protein, fat, and fiber.

Catnip Toy. Here’s another catnip toy, and this time, it’s shaped like a throw pillow. It’s made from premium quality fabric with a super soft and furry texture.

There’s a small pocket in the middle, with a mouse on its way out. Once the mouse gets pulled out, there’ll be a splash of catnip treats that will come out as well!

This mat looks so cute! It also comes with reinforced stitching on all its edges.

For cat lovers, getting this subscription is an awesome way of showing your feline friends some love. The best thing is that your cats have would something new to look forward to in every package. The bandana is really nice, you can use it for photo ops, plus it’s soft and lightweight. There’s even a bag of snacks made with healthy ingredients. If you have a cat and you want to reward them with things they’d love, this subscription is exactly what you’re looking for!

What do you think of this month’s Pet Treater Cat Pack?

Visit Pet Treater to subscribe or find out more!


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