Papirmass November 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Papirmass is a monthly art print subscription. Each month, you’ll get an art print to satisfy your art and cultural curiosity – delivered right to your doorstep. You’ll never have trouble adding a new art print for your collection since Papirmass is the perfect way to discover new and upcoming great artists. It ships worldwide (with free shipping!) from Canada.

The prints are wrapped in custom-printed rigid mailers to protect the print.

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It was perfectly sealed when it arrived from the mail.


Every print arrives with a mini-interview of the artist. This month, we have Holly Jolley, an artist from Santiago, Chile.

It gives us a glimpse of the artist’s creative process.

Everything in my pack!

“Stay In Bed Forever” Gouache Painting. The artwork is inspired by the maker’s lazy Sundays, where she used to stay longer in bed. I actually had a good feeling about this painting and I can totally relate! I mean, who doesn’t want to stay at home, comfy and warm under the blankets with your dog? I really like the chic style, with the colors mostly pink and rosy!

The back of the artwork gives us more information about the art piece, like the print method used, display suggestions, and more. You can also appreciate the artwork more by considering some questions listed.

“Crazy Cat Lady” Postcard. For the postcard, the art shows how cuddly the artist’s cat is and how cozy they are around each other. The color choice is just wonderful!

The back of the postcard shares the art style used by the artists. For this one, they also included some inspiring words from the artist:

I feel like a crazy cat lady. I need cats. I’ve never lived without one and I feel like they are such beautiful, complex creatures with unique personalities and character traits.

Papirmass Creative Card. This month’s creative card features a beautiful quote:

If you feel like you don’t fit in this world, maybe it’s because you’re here to help create a new one.

At the back, there is an adorable image of a cat that you can improve by adding a silly costume or whatever kind of illustration you think would fit. They also encourage you to share the finished project on Instagram.

This month’s artwork is really impressive!

This subscription sends us amazing art pieces made by talented artists, making it a great way to learn about various art techniques. I love this month’s artist as she expresses herself amazingly through her paintings and other works. A woman who loves books, pets, plants, and beautiful things, you can see her happiness through her works and her outlook in life which is also reflected in each of her pieces. I like how she used the rosy color on this month’s featured works, they all look chic and fabulous!

What did you think of this month’s prints from Papirmass?

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