Moustache Coffee Club Subscription Review + Coupon – November 2019

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Moustache Coffee Club is a subscription featuring premium, single-origin coffees from various growing regions around the world. These coffees are expertly roasted and shipped on the day they are roasted, which means they arrive at the peak of freshness. Subscriptions start at $13.

Deliveries can be customized depending on your coffee needs. They offer 12oz and 6oz coffee bags, and you can also choose whether you want it shipped weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Another way to try their coffee is to sign up for a free trial (for US based members only), they’ll ship you 6oz of coffee and after the trial ends, you’ll be on their Solo Artist plan which ships 12oz every two weeks.

They also offer office coffee subscriptions, Canadian coffee subscriptions, and international coffee subscriptions!

DEAL: Sign up and get a $5 credit on your first bag or a free trial! Use this link to get the deal.

Everything in my November 2019 pack!

Santa Elena #3 – SOLD OUT. Moustache ships this coffee in a hermetic, vacuum-sealed bag so the coffee is always fresh when it arrives. This is guaranteed to maintain the maximum freshness of the coffee beans. All the pertinent tasting notes and detailed information about the beans are on the sticker label attached.

I received the 3rd on the Tasting Series: Santa Elena which is why it is named Santa Elena #3. It is from the same farms, Caturra and Castillo lots, of Maria Damaris Medina’s Finca Santa Elena (Santa Elena #2) from Huila, Colombia. The notes on the label include information about the variety, growing conditions, and processing. The inclusion of tasting notes is really useful for getting the most enjoyment from your cup. Humorously, they began including a “Drink After” date along with the roast date, because some people had been receiving and drinking their coffee so soon after roasting that the oils had not yet absorbed back into the beans. You get the best flavor if you let the beans rest a few days after roasting.

This bag of beans is true to the tasting notes. The tasting notes are fairly reliable, calling out the major flavors you can tease from the cup, but sometimes there’ll be another handful of delightful notes you can discover on your own, like I was able to taste a hint of very little citrusy note! I love the way you can see the different shades of the different varietals comprised in the blend.

It was very delicate, a light-medium roast.  I got the bittersweet cocoa note, slightly jammy note of raspberries right off the bat, and there was a clear smooth brown sugar flavor in the finish.

I thought this bean is a very delicious brew. It had a nice, dessert-like flavor. The mellow, creamy body has a great mouthfeel and sweet, somehow brown sugar taste. It finished with a pleasant touch of raspberry tartness which I find nice in coffee. I like how they managed to keep a perfect balance of the bitterness and acidic taste of cocoa, the brown sugar sweetness, and the bright raspberry taste.

Moustache coffee beans always have a very vivid nose (likely because of the short time from roast to cup), and the roast level is very appropriate for preserving the interesting flavor and olfactory notes. I like how the tasting notes were correct in highlighting the chocolate-like quality of the flavor — acquired from the perfect combination of cocoa & brown sugar. The touch of raspberry was pronounced, as well. This incredible brew is both a treat and a win for coffee enthusiasts like me. Its unique character makes this a superb rainy day coffee, best enjoyed in the afternoon when you’ve been awake long enough to properly comprehend the beverage.

Are you a coffee lover? What do you think of this box?

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