Loot Crate Limited Edition Lord Of The Rings Crate Review – Box 2

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The Loot Crate Limited Edition Lord Of The Rings Crate is part of a limited edition trilogy of boxes from Loot Crate featuring exclusive The Lord of the Rings collectibles, apparel & more. This one-time box from Loot Crate is now SOLD OUT and was $49.99 plus shipping & handling.

The box is cool as its interior came with images related to the box’s theme.

Some of the items are individually packaged in a box or a polybag.

Here’s a mini booklet that lists the contents of the box!

It also includes brief item descriptions. I love how they presented the mini-booklet, LOTR-style!

Team Loot Crate also has a note for the subscribers about the delay with one of the items.

Everything in the box!

The One Ring Braided Bracelet. The braided bracelet is placed inside a labeled black box.

The bracelet looks great! I really like how everything holds on to the rings, except for the braided ones that look like they’re just loosely hanging. Also, the ring has the inscription of Elvish Runes.

The bracelet is really easy to wear, it even comes with a magnetic clasp that closes effortlessly.

The One Ring served as the main accent of the bracelet. It looks like several hands are taking a grip of the ring. So symbolic.

Exclusive “My Friends” Tee. This black tee is an exclusive Loot Crate item! It’s made with soft and breathable fabric, so it’s comfortable to wear.

The black shirt even has some white small spots, like it’s sprinkled or sprayed with some white paint.

The print features Frodo, along with his Hobbit friends!

Frodo & Sam – Legolas & Gimli Socks. I got 2 pairs of fresh socks in this box!

The socks are made with polyester and spandex. The tag also comes with care instructions so your new pairs won’t easily wear off.

Here are the characters I got: Frodo, Legolas, Gimli, and Sam!

Even the back of the socks is well detailed.

Since the socks are really different from each other, I think I can mix them all up and interchange the pairs, and that would be awesome! It’s like getting new pairs every time, right?

Exclusive Rohan Banner. Rohan, originally part of Gondor, is inhabited by people known for their cavalry and horse-training, which is deemed useful in times of battle.

The banner pictures a horse, as the place is known for horse-training, and the colors red, blue, black, and gold. Rohan is formed out of the Gondor province of Calenardhon as a dwelling place for the faithful Éothéod, who swore a perpetual alliance with Gondor.

Exclusive Middle Earth Tapestry Scarf. I really love tapestries, and I like how ancient and classy some look, like this one that shows us a map of the Middle Earth!

I usually have the tapestry displayed on my wall, but this one, I will use this to keep my neck warm, or an added accessory to my outfit!

The Middle-Earth is a human-inhabited place in the series, and it’s equivalent in Norse Mythology is the Midgard.

You can also keep track where Frodo had set his foot just to bring the ring to Mordor!

It’s my LOTR Limited Edition box number two, and they nailed it again by including cool and amazing items from Middle-Earth! Ringers and collectors will surely love this second box, especially the bracelet which also has the One Ring on it. It’s definitely the most iconic of all the items that you can get from the box. I also love the tapestry scarf and the awesome black shirt with Frodo on it. One item is missing in the box, though! Loot Crate promised that they’ll send it ASAP, either on the next and final box or sent separately (if you didn’t get the last box). I am really thrilled about the last box, and I can feel that it will be a blast! I am also hoping for it to arrive without so much delay, with the missing pin in it as well!

Did you get a Limited Edition Lord Of The Rings Crate


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