L.O.L. Surprise Box Fall 2019 Subscription Box Review

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L.O.L. Surprise Box is a quarterly subscription box for kids and L.O.L. Surprise fans. For $38 per season, each box contains 6 to 8 L.O.L. Surprise goodies for kids to wear, use, and play with. They are all custom-made and exclusive, and you can’t get them anywhere else. Also, every box comes with a randomly selected L.O.L. Surprise! doll, pet, or Lil Sister from an existing series.

The box looks fun!

You can find different L.O.L. Surprise! settings all around the box!

It’s like playing with paper dolls, L.O.L. Surprise version!

The Winter 2019 theme is WINTER DISCO!

The items came in surprise packs!

Everything in my box!

The blind bag packaging is striking, with black and dark pink houndstooth design. We’re super excited to see what’s inside!

L.O.L. Surprise Let’s Be Friends! CollectLOL. First off, we got a Prezzie pin from the Sleep Over Club. It’s so cute and adorable. What a great start!

L.O.L. Surprise Socks. We got a pair of Snow Leopard socks! The character is well detailed, and we also like that the socks are dominated by shades of pink!

According to the tag, this pair is made with 100% polyester. It’s also recommended to be washed with like colors and to be air-dried.

The front part of the socks features Snow Leopard and the soles say “Snow Kitty”! It’s really cute. The fabric is also nice, as it feels super soft and it’s also stretchy!

Time for another pack! This one is a bit bulky!

Earmuffs. Perfect for the season, these earmuffs are super soft and cushiony. The light blue color is also really cute. With glittery silver as the baseband and super fluffy baby blue faux fur, it’s sure to keep your ears nice and warm, all while still keeping you fashionable this season!

Snow Angel is on the side rockin’ her own earmuffs, keeping her warm and toasty!

Okay, here’s another one!

Picture Frame. Just when we thought things couldn’t get better, we got this picture frame with secret storage! At the back, you can put little trinkets, and maybe a couple of your favorite L.O.L. accessories.

You just have to slide the little doll sideways so you can put in the picture!

There you go, the picture frame is ready! Just make sure to keep the storage part a secret if you don’t want anyone to find it!

L.O.L. Surprise LILS. Now, here’s the surprise toy from the box!

It’s the L.O.L. Lils! I wonder what we’re going to get! Will we get a little brother? A little sister? Or a little pet?

All this mystery excites us more and more by the second!

This works exactly the same as other blind bags, you peel it layer by layer!

Just keep going until the cover is completely removed!

Here goes the last layer! It’s also cute, but we have to peel it in order to reveal the item!

There you go! The L.O.L. Lils come in this cute hair curler type packaging!

Upon opening, there’s more action needed!

Here is an instruction on what we can do once we get the toy inside. It looks like it’s asking us to put the toy in cold water!

We’re almost there! The blind bags are tucked in nicely along with a guide of the whole collection so you will know who you got and who else you need to collect!

There are 3 blind bags inside.

Here is the leaflet guide!

There are so many cute Lils in here! We want to collect them all!

The mini-figure came in 3 assemblable pieces. We got Shimonkey!

We also easily spotted Shimonkey on the sheet!

According to this it, Shimonkey is an ultra-rare L.O.L. Lils. That’s so awesome!

Here it is, showing off shiny roller skates and a glittery bag!

Here’s how it looks like from the back! Too adorable!

This is the magic mirror that came with the figure. You just have to place it in front of your camera lens, adjust according to your desired effect, and then take a picture of the doll!

We tried using it and here’s how the photo looks! It looks softer and lighter!

Now, it’s time to add water! The figure’s container can be used for this fun activity.

We put him in an ice water bath and look at how his shirt turned red!

Shimonkey is looking dapper in that red shirt with matching bow tie!

And he’s also bringing sexy back!

We’re onto the next pack!

L.O.L. Surprise Jelly Purse. This has got to be one of our favorites from this box! Snow Angel is here to dazzle us with her cuteness in this purse duo.

It comes with this small purse that says “2 FLY 4 WRDZ.” It can be used to stash coins and other small objects like hairpins and earrings.

This is the main purse! It’s perfect for my daughter’s pencils and crayons, such a cute way to organize and keep them in one place. It can also fit L.O.L. dolls and accessories!

There is a detachable metal clasp so you can use just one purse or use them both at the same time. The opening of the pouch is wide so it’s easy to access! I also like that it’s see-through. This way, it’s easier to aim for what I’m reaching inside.

Here’s the last pack!

We Got Fresh Beats! Hoodie. This hoodie is super comfortable! It has On Pointe and Snow Leopard in the front, rockin’ their glittery winter disco vibe!

Here’s a close up look! The fabric feels really soft. It’s very useful for fall and winter, definitely a perfect addition to this quarter’s box. This is like a cropped hoodie type which is all the rage with tweens and teens right now!

There’s a neon metallic butterfly print at the back of the hoodie too! It’s so nice!

This quarter’s box is definitely a step up from the last one. It was a great box but this has been a huge step forward with a hoodie to wear and a secret compartment photo frame! I really love that all the items in this box are useful in their own way and everything seemed to go well with the theme. I’m now excited to see how they’ll top this next quarter! This is a quarterly box that my daughter and I will definitely look forward to since we know more and more awesome items are on their way!

Are you getting L.O.L. Surprise Box?

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