Dopple Kids Clothing Winter 2019 Subscription Box Review!

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Dopple is a membership service offering kids’ clothing! They call packages a Drop, which is curated depending on your answers to their style quiz upon sign up. They consider your kid’s preferred style and size, as well as your budget. There’s a $10 service fee for each child, which is 100% credited back if you purchase from your delivery.

Each Drop has 8 to 15 items, with a combination of clothing, accessories, and sometimes even shoes. You can opt to keep or return these items, in case they don’t fit or your kid doesn’t like them! It’s like having someone pick out your kids’ wardrobe and deliver them right in the comfort of your own home. Shipping and returns are always free.

Dopple carries 500 children’s and boutique brands including Oeuf, Rylee + Cru, Gray Label, Tiny Cottons, Misha and Puff, Appaman, Winter Water Factory, June and January, Everbloom, and many more!

The package came with a letter enclosed in this black envelope.

It has a welcome message as well as a short personal message for the subscriber.

The envelope includes a list of all the items that are in this month’s box. It has the complete details of each item including the pricing. You can see that they have a discounted Dopple Price! This subscription is really nice because if you don’t like the items, you can return them. Just input your return code on the space provided to give them feedback on why you’re returning the item. This helps them curate the next box better!

The welcome greeting has the step by step guide on how to proceed once you received your Dopple Drop for the month. It has instructions for when you decide to return some items.

I really like that they have a personal message for us!

Here’s the return pouch for when you decide to return items. Just make sure to include the item list paper seen above. Also, tag the correct return code so they will get your feedback.

Now here are all the items neatly packed in a white paper with Dopple branding!

Once the paper wrapping is removed, you’ll see the clothing pieces bundled and tied up in a black bow.

Everything in my box!

Gray Label Meleia Blue ($64; $34 if member) The dress is in navy blue and has that casual vibe to it!

It’s lightweight and easy-to-wear. It can also be paired with a shirt or even a pullover for colder days.

The back is adjustable, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your child. This is such a comfortable dress choice!

Wheat T-Shirt Nancy Longsleeves Gray ($22; $15 if member) This gray pullover top has black polka dots all over. It pairs well with the dress!

My daughter looks too cute in this outfit! She likes it a lot!

Gray Label Jensen Pink ($78; $32 if member) I asked specifically for a romper for my daughter’s size since it’s so hard to find over 24 months. They really delivered on that!

The cuffs are elastic, making this piece more comfortable.

It also has an oblong-shaped embroidered detail on the sleeve.

The fabric is soft to the touch and the color is also nice.

She definitely likes this one!

Pippa & Julie Flur Pink ($35; $25 if member) This pink floral dress is so adorable! We have a long way to go before spring, but those flower prints are just too cute to resist.

I also like the cut of this dress. It’s simple and age-appropriate.

Look at this little lady! The 3/4 sleeves make it a nice outfit choice even on a cold day. The dress is also lightweight and easy to wear.

Wheat Knit Cardigan Classic Pink ($59; $35) Cardigans are a staple in any wardrobe! We got a pink one and it can be paired with the floral dress.

It’s thin unlike a jacket so you can wear it during summer without looking too stuffy, but it also provides warmth so you can layer it when the cold season starts!

This light pink cardigan is lovely! It’s such a chic and casual piece.

Whether buttoned up or not, the cardigan just looks pretty on her. What I can’t figure out is why they sent two nearly identical ones!

Alice & Ames The Leo ($40; $28 if member) Here’s another lovely dress, and this time it has red and white stripes! It’s also long-sleeved, so it’s perfect for the season.

The cut of the skirt makes it easy for my daughter to move around while wearing it.

Since it’s a leotard, it already covers the crotch area!

Tea Collection Pink Striped Baby Leggings ($23; $19 if member) Here’s a basic pair of leggings. It’s cute and easy to match with various outfits, whether shirts, pullovers, or even short dresses.

She’s ready to dance! The long-sleeved leotards are so cute!

She can wear the leotards with the cardigan too!

Our first Drop was really good! We kept the floral dress and, of course, the romper. Now that I see the pics, I’m regretting not keeping the candy-cane striped dress! However, I found out later that Dopple charged me $15 for a shirt we didn’t keep. I wouldn’t have known unless I had clicked on the receipt email through to the webpage, as the details weren’t in the email. They did correct the issue, although it took several days. It was over the holidays, but before that we’d asked for extra time for our Drop, with a 4 or 5 day delay on a response. So the customer service is good, although slow. With that aside, we think that the stylists did a great job curating my daughter’s box according to our answers on the style quiz!

Dopple also has “Surprise Drops” that I haven’t quite gotten the hang of yet, too.  Once you sign up they’ll send emails and you can get straight up surprise packages according to size. All final sale but the Surprise Drops are supposedly curated on your size, style, and purchase history. You can’t return anything but you will know what the price is in advance. I rather like selecting the items after I see what works, so I’m not crazy about that, but we thought you’d want to know about this option, too!

Are you getting Dopple?


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