Bath Bevy December 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Bath Bevy is a monthly subscription box for those who love their tub time. You’ll receive a box full of bath products like bath bombs, bubble bars, bath salts, body scrubs, handmade soaps, and more, 6-10 items per box! Too many bath bombs? Opt for a quarterly box instead or save some cash with a multi-month subscription.

Bath Bevy is a box full of carefully curated bath products delivered to your door every month. We will provide everything you need to elevate your bathing experience. Just add water.

Each month we carefully select a combination of bath goodies that could be bath salts, soaks, bombs, bubble bars, bubble bath, body scrubs or anything else you can enjoy at bath time. We feature different brands every month and everything in the box was tested by our Founder first!

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This month’s items were wrapped in seasonal tissue paper and sealed with a Bath Bevy sticker.

Everything was tucked into shredded paper squiggles.

I found a card that introduced the theme. The December theme is HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS.

The back of the card listed all of the products in the box.

Look at all that spicy goodness!

Everything in my HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS Bath Bevy Box!

Bath Bevy Silky Body Powder ($9) I am happy to see that this body powder is free of talc and it has a creamy scent that I like. I don’t really reach for a product like this in winter, so I will tuck it away until summer returns, I am sure to get a lot of use out of it then!

Whipped Up Wonderful Santa Baby Bath Bomb ($5.99) The bath bombs and other items on this brand’s website are super cute!

The classic baking soda and citric acid combo are mixed with sweet almond oil and cocoa butter for a hint of moisture while relaxing, but be careful when exiting the bath as things could be slippery.

It looks very festive indeed! It is scented with evergreen fragrances plus sugar cookies and has a hint of cinnamon to my nose.

Body’s Harmony Egg Nog Whipped Soap Scrub ($8) The Body’s Harmony shop is on winter break so I linked to the Bath Bevy site instead.

Ingredients were listed on the container as were usage directions.

Look at how cute this is with it’s colorful sprinkles on top! Not only does it smell amazing (like snickerdoodles, sweet and a little spicy) but it worked really well. I rubbed it directly on my skin and used it with a loofah and it gave me a ton of bubbles and rinsed cleanly away.

Bath Bevy Home For The Holidays Bath Salts ($7) I don’t know that I’ve heard of bubbling bath salts before now! These are such a pretty color, kind of ombre in the bag. It smells like a Christmas tree!

Bath Bevy Mistletoe Loofah Soap ($7) Subscribers received one of three scents and I ended up with Mistletoe!

It is a slice of loofah sponge coated in a glycerin soap base. I have received similar items before and always feel like it needs a cord through it so it can be hanged in the shower. Just wet the soap and rub the loofah part over the body to exfoliate. You might want to concentrate on the rough spots like elbows and heels as the loofah might be a bit rough for arms and legs. This scent smells like an evergreen tree!

Bath Bevy Candy Cane Soothing Lip Balm ($5) wasn’t listed on the product card so I guess it’s a bonus item! I love peppermint flavored and scented products and of course it also happens to be perfect for the season!

Ingredients were listed and include beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter.

It rolled smoothly onto my lips and had that classic minty flavor that I love!

Simply Organico Tinsel Bath Creamer ($5.75) came wrapped in tissue paper and glittery tulle with a ribbon tied around the top.

Inside I found a shimmery bath bomb. But not just any bath bomb, a bath bomb CREAMER!

Ingredients were listed and include shea and cocoa butters.

It’s supposed to be creamier than other bath bombs but of course you need to be extra careful when exiting the tub as it might be super slippery. The scent is a blend of peppermint, ripe berries, and pomegranate and smells fruity and bright!

Tub time is always a blast with the unique items from Bath Bevy! Some of their items are in-house while others come from body care websites. You can find most of the products at the Bath Bevy website or use the included discount codes at those individual websites. The products were very festive this month and I like that there were more shower friendly items this time around.

Did you love this month’s box? 

Visit Bath Bevy to subscribe or find out more!


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