WompleMail Review – Explorer Box

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WompleMail is a bi-monthly snail-mail subscription intended for kids who love new adventures! The box costs $23.99 each month, and save more when you subscribe for 3, 6, or 12 months, plus it comes with free shipping. Each month, a traveling pen pal sends fun letters and engaging activities about a new off-the-beaten-path place in the world. The box also encourages reading through storytelling and teaches kids about different cultures and destinations. There’s a card on top of everything inside the box. It features the yeti-like creature called Womple! The items are wrapped in a yellow-orange tissue paper. We’re excited about this new adventure! There’s a postcard that gives us the meaning of the awesome word Coddi∙Womple which means to travel purposefully to an unknown destination. Flipping on the other side, there’s a note from Erin and Alejandro of the Womple Studios. They listed all the contents of the box for our review. FYI – the Travel Journal and plush Womple are bonus items with varying length of subscription. Or, get the entire Explorer Box as a bonus with an annual subscription. Everything in my box! Intro Letter. You will be introduced to your new Womple penpal first with this welcome letter. And there’s our new Womple friend, Roald! He was named after the famous Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen who is the first human to reach the South Pole! Roald will be our new companion to our new and different adventures like exploring the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland, Goblin Valley in Utah, Cotton Palace in Turkey, and many more! Plush Womple. Womples are known as adventurous creatures who love to feed their minds and curiosity. It’s nice to have a Womple companion in every adventure and we’re glad that we have physically present Womple in the form of a soft and cuddly plushie! The fluffy Womple is will be perfect to take on long car rides and other adventures! Restickable Stickers. We also got a set of reusable stickers that we can stick anywhere, and then use them again on the included World Atlas! The stickers are also high-quality and easy to remove. Mini Travel Journal and Dry-Erase Crayons. This kid-friendly travel journal contains 20 pages of fun activities that will take us on 4 unique trips! They also included 2 dry-erase crayons that are perfect for doodling on the travel journal and the World Atlas, and the markings they leave behind can be easily wiped or washed off! The journal can be easily filled out as most entries are in a fill-in-the-blanks format. I love how we can make our day to day entries on this really easy-to-use travel journal! There’s also a whole spread of the world map where we can mark the places we’ve been to. If you’re planning your next adventure or destination, the last page is dedicated just for that! World Atlas. Unlike the journal, the World Atlas is a full-color write-on, wipe-off book. It also has a portion for the restickable stickers! It contains 25+ pages of colorful maps, cool facts, and fun activities. Here’s a page for cool world factoids! There’s a full article about map history! They even presented the different types of maps, in different shapes and sizes. Another article focuses on reading maps. To fully understand this lesson, they included an activity for the kids. It’s about making a string measurer! Here’s the map of our world! The colors tell which areas belong to each continent as well. Other pages give us a closer look at a specific continent and the countries that belong to it. There are also other facts, like the continent’s size and its total population. Here’s another activity, making a map of our own place! There’s even an activity sheet that you can answer by consulting the World Atlas. My kids started reading the Atlas and learned about the different continents! They also answered the activity sheet by looking at the Atlas for answers! They also used the restickable stickers on the Atlas! No worries as they can easily take it off and stick it to another surface. They also used the dry-erase crayons to scribble on the World Atlas and mark some stuff. The markings can be easily erased by just wiping them off. We’re definitely happy with our very first WompleMail! It took my kids to a fun adventure around the globe and introduced them to a new friend named Roald. They also enjoyed the journal, which can be easily filled with memories of new adventures. Another thing that piqued their interest is the Atlas. It’s even packed with awesome activities that we can all do together. We love activity boxes that take us to new places without leaving our home and this one definitely fits the bill. My kids love learning about geography and we’re looking forward to more places and world factoids from this twice-a-month adventure! What do you think of this box?

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