Whistling Kettle Tea of The Month November 2019 Subscription Box Review

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Whistling Kettle Tea of The Month offers a monthly tea subscription with 4 options to choose from. Prices are $22 a month and drop when you prepay, down to $18 a month when you go with a 12 month plan.

The Whistling Kettle Tea of the Month subscription box program is a great way to explore the world of premium tea. Regardless if you are new to tea, an experienced tea drinker or looking for the perfect gift, you are probably looking for the 10 best tea of the month subscription boxes to narrow down your choices.

Looking good!

Start by deciding which option you want. I love tea and it’s all good to me, but I went for the Tea of the Month Adventure Edition!

This tea of the month club subscription box has it all and includes everything you need to get started. All tea types are represented here – black, white, green, oolong, pu-erh, herbal both flavored and unflavored.

It’s a great way to try a little bit of everything, from popular blends to rare gems.

I received a card.

The back of the card listed my tea club name, the flavors I received for November, and flavor profiles for each tea.

New subscribers will receive this card. Subscribers receive a discount on tea making supplies and equipment from the Whistling Kettle website.

Everything in my box!

I love tea, all types of tea, and couldn’t wait to get started!

Your first box comes with a set of disposable, compostable tea bags. This subscription sends loose leaf tea so you need a way to steep the leaves and strain them out.

Whistling Kettle Caramel Apple Bourbon Tea I love fall and this one is perfect for cold days! One thing I want you to keep in mind is that this is marked incorrectly – it says “seasonal herbal tea” but the website says “black and rooibos blend”. Herbal teas do not contain any actual tea leaves so avoid this in the evening if caffeine keeps you awake.

Beside black tea and rooibos, this blend also has licorice root, apple, vanilla & cinnamon pieces, caramel bits, plus natural & artificial flavoring. I added a bit of sugar and milk and enjoyed this tea that had hints of apple, cinnamon, and caramel.

The Whistling Kettle Happy Cacao Edition Guayusa Tea I always appreciate when tea bags come with all of the important info on the front of the bag. It lists the water temperature needed, steeping time, and amount of tea leaves to use along with the amount of water needed.

Guayusa is made from the leaves of the holly plant and is a natural source of caffeine. This blend also has bits of cacao nibs and had a flavor similar to black tea but without the bitterness and with a hint of green notes.

Dragon Pearls Black Tea I have never tried Dragon Pearls before and always assumed they were made of green tea but here is a black tea version!

The tea leaves are rolled into a tiny ball which unfurls as the tea steeps in hot water. I used 3 pearls and didn’t detect any bitterness from tannins. The tea was light bodied and while adding sugar is up to you, I would think milk would overwhelm the delicate flavor.

Calming Ayurvedic Herbal Tea is a relaxing blend of tulsi (aka holy basil) plus herbs, spices, and plant aromatics.

I could really taste the fennel, licorice, and anise in this tea but they weren’t overwhelming. I didn’t even need to add sugar, this was such a tasty herbal sip.

Whistling Kettle sent some amazing teas, and the best part is that they were so different from each other, it was truly a variety! I liked that they sent an herbal, a seasonal flavor, a single origin, and a non-camellia sinensis form of caffeinated tea! Two of the bags have enough tea to last for a while, but even the smaller packs had enough for several cups each. In fact, this subscription sends enough for about two cups a day for the whole month.

Have you tried any of The Whistling Kettle‘s tea clubs? What did you like most about the subscription?

Visit Whistling Kettle Tea of The Month to subscribe or find out more!


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