Plum Spark ROCKETS Box Review + Coupon

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Plum Spark is a bi-monthly Science-based subscription box for children ages 4 to 9 years old. The box costs $24.95 and comes with free shipping. The boxes exposes kids to topics like biology, chocolate production, geometry, yoga, aerospace engineering, and materials science. Each box contains a mix of 3 to 4 experiments, crafts, and projects, and the activities can be done on different levels according to the learner’s interests, abilities, and attention span. They also include step-by-step guides and materials.

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We can’t wait to open the box and see what’s inside!

The box is for learners 4 to 9 years of age.

The top lid of the box has a Plum Spark sticker on it.

Everything is wrapped on a mint green tissue paper.

There’s a card that contains information about the creator of the box, Sandy Polu, a woman who turned into a stay-at-home mom after working in technology.

The box also comes with a little booklet that serves as the adventure guide.

It also lists all the contents of the box.

There’s also a warning in the guide that the box is not for children under 3 years old because it contains items that may cause choking hazards or may hurt them like sharp-pointed objects.

The guide introduces us to the activities that we’re doing like building a rocket, some space riddles, and designing a spacesuit!

The first activity is building a rocket. Aside from detailed instructions, there are also images on each step.

The illustrations will make the activity easy to follow and accomplish!

Aside from the project, they also provided us with more facts about rockets!

The second activity is space riddles, where we’ll read each riddle then try to guess the objects that the riddles describe.

The last activity is designing a spacesuit.

It’s an experiment to find out which materials will make the best spacesuit!

Everything in my box!

For the first activity, we’re building a rocket and we used the following materials: cardboard tube, foam strip and sheets, rocket pouch, pencil, glue, tape, and scissors.

First, we covered the cardboard tube with the foam sheet and decorated it.

To make the engines, we scrunch up the orange squares and attached them to one end of the tube. Then we also made the rocket flames using a pencil.

We also used the clothespin in making the rocket boosters.

We attached the plastic jar with a rhino figure inside on the other end of the tube.

We also made a cone that will serve as the tip of the rocket for the launch abort system.

Here’s our completed rocket, ready for take-off! ?

Look at the sole passenger of our rocket!

The booster is looking good as well! It looks fired up nicely!

For the second activity, we’re guessing some space riddles!

Each postcard has a clue or hint at the back, plus a blank space where we can write some notes and receiver information, like a normal postcard!

We started by taking turns in reading the riddles and the other person guessing. It was fun and really educational!

Last but not least is designing the best spacesuit!

There are different fabrics that we can test and choose from to make the best spacesuit.

We tested the fabrics by exposing them to direct sunlight, each having a color-changing bead underneath.

The result will indicate which is the best material for the spacesuit. Lighter color beads meant that more UV rays were blocked, while darker ones meant that fewer UV rays were blocked. According to the results, the black polyester fleece blocked more amount of UV rays.

Plum Spark is such a great science-themed activity box! This month’s box is all about rockets, which my kids absolutely love. The activities are awesome, as my kids learned more about how rockets work along with other tidbits about space. They even got crafty and designed a spacesuit! Everything was put together in a kid-friendly way, so it’s really fun, easy to understand, and enjoyable. We’re definitely excited to explore and learn more about scientific topics in future boxes!

What do you think of the Plum Spark box?

Visit Plum Spark to subscribe or find out more!


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