Owl Post Books Imagination Box November 2019 Subscription Box Review

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Owl Post Books is a fun and interactive monthly book subscription for kids. Each month, subscribers will receive an Imagination Box with 3 books that fit into their age range and fits into a fun monthly theme, and includes a unique themed toy and a theme card!

Owl Post Books has Imagination boxes for ages 0-3, 4-7, and 8-12. This is the Imagination Box for 4-7 years old. 

There’s a card on top of the items.

The books were wrapped in white tissue paper sealed with a sticker.

The books are looking amazing!

The card doesn’t have a list of the items, just a short message from Owl Post Books and a 20% off coupon code.

Everything in my box!

Each box from this book subscription includes a toy or item in line with the book’s theme.

It’s a colorful foam Owl!

The Quest For Z by Greg Pizzoli ($11.81)

From an award-winning author comes a picture book biography that feels like Indiana Jones for kids!

British explorer Percy Fawcett believed that hidden deep within the Amazon rainforest was an ancient city, lost for the ages. Most people didn’t even believe this city existed. But if Fawcett could find it, he would be rich and famous forever. This is the true story of one man’s thrilling, dangerous journey into the jungle, and what he found on his quest for the lost city of Z.

The back of the book presented some good words from reviewers that definitely piqued our interest.

The book is about the British explorer Percy Fawcett, who explored the Amazon rainforest to search for a lost ancient city!

The British geographer heard about the legends and called the mythical city, “Z”. He chose this name as the lost city seemed to belong in the most remote place in the world!

Aside from his adventures, the book also provided some information about Percy. He left England to serve as an artillery officer at Fort Frederick, which is present-day Sri Lanka. He got bored with military life so he spent his free time investigating the nearby jungles and long for the day where he can become a professional explorer! The story is surely filled with exciting adventures!

Snappsy The Alligator by Julie Falatko ($13.50)

Snappsy (begrudgingly!) returns in this clever and hilarious follow-up to the critically-acclaimed Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book)

Snappsy the alligator wants nothing more than a quiet evening to himself, but a pesky chicken who insists he’s Snappsy’s best friend won’t leave him alone. Friendship bracelets? Matching shirts? The sleepover of the century? Snappsy did not ask for any of the activities the chicken—his best friend forever?—is planning. This pitch-perfect sequel to Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book) explores all the ways we get friendship wrong (and why it feels so magical when we get it right!).

The illustrations in the book are fun, despite Snappsy looking irritated! Just look at how the other animals merrily lined up behind him!

The narrator, which happens to be a chicken, claims that he is Snappsy’s best friend. We can’t help but laugh with their exchange on the book’s dust jacket flap!

Snappsy did not ask to be in this book, but he’s always brought up by the narrator, much to his irritation.

Everything that Snappsy does is narrated by the chicken, even his physical attributes. The story’s humor appeals to kids a lot!

A Season To Bee by Carlos Aponte ($15.48)

Fashion illustrator Carlos Aponte gives readers front row seats to the runway show of the season! Join Miss V. McQueen and her band of fashion bugs as they flit and flutter their brilliant colors down the catwalk. Ladybug reds, butterfly golds, and grasshopper greens provide young readers with a chic introduction to the colors found all around us.

At the back of the book, we were introduced to some of the characters who strut their stuff on the runway!

The story is about a runway show hosted by the editor of BUZZ magazine for fashion bugs to welcome in the spring.

Aside from stylish wears, the bugs also introduce the kids to different colors that can be found all around us!

The book is beautiful, the illustrations are stunning, and the story is enticing! My kids loved this trendy book!

All I can say is that these picture books are amazing! Each has a fantastic story to tell and lessons to teach. We enjoyed Percy Fawcett’s adventures, as well as Snappsy’s funny story. The bee book is a favorite, it’s a great way to introduce the kids to different colors, and even types of bugs! We love everything in this box, and we’re excited about the arrival of our next selection of new titles and stories next month!

What do you think of this month’s box? Let us know your comments!

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