JK Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate July 2019 Review + Coupon

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J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate from Loot Crate is the bi-monthly and official Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts subscription box. For $39.99 every other month, you’ll get 5-7 unique and officially licensed Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts merchandise, so there’s no need to go to Diagon Alley!

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NOTE: All of Loot Crate subscription boxes are experiencing substantial delays. If you subscribe now you run the risk of never receiving boxes. Only subscribe if you are ok with that risk.

The box is sealed with a sticker that features a Mandrake!

There were no fillers or extra packaging.

The items arrived in great condition.

The theme this month is  MAGICAL PLANTS.

We received a folded letter with a faux seal.

The letter tells you how magical this month’s items are.

From the foreboding foliage of the Forbidden Forest to the Herbology gardens of the Hogwarts greenhouses, we’ve cultivated a collection of MAGICAL PLANTS to help you enjoy the great outdoors!

The stars after each item’s name denote that the items are exclusive to the box!

All the magical loot in the July 2019 Wizarding World crate!

Kelpie Enamel Pin. We’re back in the Magical Creatures series, and this time, we got the Kelpie!

The Kelpie is a shape-shifting water demon native to Great Britain and Ireland.

It’s able to take any form, but the Kelpie we got is in the form of a horse with a bulrush mane.

Bowtruckle Handkerchief. The handkerchief was packed in a giftable black box! From the box, we already have an idea about what creature is featured inside: the adorable bowtruckle!

The handkerchief is in a dark shade of purple!

It’s really stylish and unique, with 3 bowtruckles on it. I can finally take this creature anywhere!

Dirigible Plum Magnet Set. Dirigible plums are orange radish-like magical fruit that grows upside-down on small bushes. From this box, I got these magical fruits in a magnet form!

Dirigible Plums enhance the ability of one to accept the extraordinary, like what the Lovegood family believes in and that’s why you can see Luna wearing them as earrings.

I got 5 plum flat magnets and a sign that says “keep off the dirigible plums.” These fruits can also be associated with the “forbidden fruit” which is the apple.

Mandrake T-Shirt. This month’s exclusive Loot Crate shirt features the powerful and sentient plant that has roots that look like a human, the Mandragora or popularly known as the Mandrake.

The Mandrake pictured on the shirt looks like a sleeping baby!

I like that the shirt’s base color isn’t just dark grey, but also has some speckles of white.

Herbology Tapestry. If you love the subject Herbology, this next item is perfect… It’s a Herbology Tapestry!

The tapestry features some of the magical plants, their uses, and how they look!

It’s like a large scarf!

I love how classic the tapestry looks, and it’s quite large!

There’s the popular Mandrake! It really looks like an infant who’s about to cry (scream)!

If not for the box’s late arrival, this box would be perfect for me because of the amazing theme and contents! I really like that the Magical Creatures pins are back and that they included such a cool Mandrake shirt. The scarf-life tapestry and the bowtruckle handkerchief are awesome inclusions to our Wizarding World collection as well. I even have new fridge decorations in the form of dirigible plums. It’s once again a magical box! I just really hope they ship on time!

What do you think of this month’s Wizarding World box?

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