Bookroo October 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon – PICTURE BOOKS

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Bookroo is a monthly book subscription for kids! With this subscription, you can choose between board books (best for ages 0-3) and picture books (2-6+). They also have chapter books, perfect for ages 7-10. The retail value of the books you receive will always be above the subscription cost.

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This is a review of the $19.95 per month + $5 shipping Picture Books subscription, which includes 2 gift-wrapped picture books every month.

Your books will arrive neatly wrapped in gift paper and tied with a bow. It’s a lovely touch, and it turns it into an easy gift for a grandparent to pick up! Throw on a card and bow, and they would be presentable for any gift-giving occasion. The paper is really thick and high quality , so the books are both pretty and well protected. The care with which the books were packed tells me the curator has a great love and respect for books.

The information card gives you a brief description of the books included in this box.

You can check out their author interviews on the Bookroo Blog.

These are perfect holiday gifts as well!

We’re really excited to unwrap them!

Everything in this month’s box!

With the Picture book version of this box, you’ll receive 2 picture books, each with fantastic illustrations but more in-depth story lines and a few more pages than the board books!

The first book is packed in a checkered gift wrap.

Henry & Leo by Pamela Zagarenski ($10.87)

Leo isn’t just a stuffed toy, he is Henry’s best friend and brother. He is as real as a tree, a cloud, the sun, the moon, the stars, and the wind. But when the two are accidentally separated, no one in Henry’s family believes Leo is real enough to find his way home.
With beautiful mixed-media paintings, the Caldecott Honor–winning artist Pamela Zagarenski explores the transcendent nature of friendship and love.

As we marvel at the back of the picture book, we can see how much the author/illustrator, Pamela Zagarenski, put her heart on her works! Amazing!

The story is about Leo, Henry’s stuffed lion, constant companion, and best friend. As they get accidentally separated, no one in Henry’s family believes that Leo can find his way home.

The visuals of the book are breathtakingly beautiful! You can really feel the expressions on the character’s faces like this one where we can really feel Henry’s sadness!

It’s a beautiful story about a magical bond and friendship, between a person and his toy. I know that my kids can relate to the story because they too have their own favorite toys that treat as their best friends and won’t want to part from them!

The next book was wrapped in a black wrapper with polka dots.

Rabbit Magic by Neg McLaren ($12.99)

A distinctive palette and a large cast of adorable rabbits adorn a lively story told in very few words. When a magic trick goes awry, the magician M. Lapin becomes a sad rabbit while his rabbit assistant, Houdini, becomes the star of the show. After trying increasingly spectacular tricks, Houdini realizes that someone else wants and deserves the spotlight, and in his most amazing trick ever, he restores M. Lapin to his former self. Generosity and teamwork—and of course magic—take center stage in this delightful debut.

Looking at the illustration at the back, I think this is one fun and hilarious adventure!

The story is about the famous magician Monsieur Lapin, and how his assistant Houdini the rabbit restored his confidence, and to his awesome former self after a magic trick goes awry!

The book only has only a few words, but the amazing images detailed to us the story perfectly!

The story is magical, and it also teaches us about generosity and teamwork! The kids really had fun with this book, and it proves that less text doesn’t necessarily mean that the story won’t be easily understood.

My kids love reading, and Bookroo is just perfect because their book picks are always fun and interesting. They also offer different kinds of children’s books ideal for various age groups, like board books, picture books, and chapter books. This month’s picture books don’t need many texts to accompany them as the beautiful images already give us everything that we need to know and understand. Among the two, the Rabbit Magic is a hit among everyone. For kids who are just beginning to read, this is the perfect subscription to get that will prepare them for the next reading stages!

What do you think of this month’s book selections?

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