Animal Jam Box Fall 2019 Review

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Animal Jam Box is a subscription box for Animal Jam fans that brings an assortment of curated products like clothing, electronics, toys, accessories, stationery and more! It’s $25 per quarter + $6 shipping with over $60 worth of Animal Jam merchandise!

My kids love playing Animal Jam and they are all excited whenever this box arrives!

The box is full!

Included in the box is an Animal Jam information card.

The back of the card provides a list of all the goodies for this quarter!

Everything in the Fall 2019 box!

In Game Item Code. We received a card that contains a code for a free in-game item!

You just have to scratch the card to reveal the code.

Phantom King Charm. The cute charm this month features the dark violet, one-eyed Phantom King from the world of Jamaa!

Each charm from this box comes with a trigger snap so you can easily attach it to your bag, purse, or bracelet!

Boomseed Plus Keychain. Another cool decorative item is this Boomseed plush keychain!

Boomseeds are small, light green, spiky seeds that, once the player collects them, appear in the upper-left corner of their screen. When dragged from the box, they will explode after a few seconds, terminating Phantoms, damaging Phantom Tubes, and destroying Phantom Webs and Phantom Sprouters in the area.

It’s soft and squishy, and it looks cute hanging at the side of a bag!

Photo Sticky Notes & Phantom Goo Pen. The cover of the sticky notes looks like a photo app logo!

The black note pad complement well with the neon-inked pen! It’s like my notes are glowing in the dark!

Toxic Phantom Neck Gaiter. The next item is an accessory packed inside a printed polybag. The packaging also lists its many uses like as a neckerchief, headband, hairband, wristband, scarf, or foulard!

The neck gaiter comes in a bright green color!

Of course, it contains images of the Phantom!

Neck gaiters are great to use in place of a scarf to keep you warm and cozy during chilly days, and it’s also a trendy accessory!

Phantom Checkers Board. We love games and gameboards, and we’re really excited about this one!

The checker pieces in this game are two-sided: one for the pawn, and king for the other side.

Unlike most checkers boards, this one is not made of straight lines and boxes, which follows the Phantom inspiration, and it looks like an optical illusion! The boxes on this board are alternating neon green and black colors.

Here are the checkers positioned on the board.

They come in two colors, blue and purple!

Glow-in-the-Dark Phantom Vinyl Figure. I am so glad to get a vinyl figure in this box. It’s even a glow-in-the-dark edition of the Phantom!

The Phantom looks fierce and angry, but what I noticed is how shiny the black paint job is. It even looks like it has a matte finish!

Of course, we can see all the spikes of the phantom, it’s very-well detailed!

The vinyl figure’s eye shines brightly like a phantom is really watching you from the dark!

Animal Jam fans will definitely love this box! It contains season-appropriate items and they’re also exclusive to the box, which means you can’t find them anywhere else. The fall-themed items are perfect, especially the neck gaiter. It’s a really versatile and trendy accessory. We also love the vinyl figure and we’re excited to play the Phantom checkers. It’s another amazing box and we’re looking forward to the next season’s box!

What did you think about Animal Jam Box?

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