The Bam! Box Subscription Update!

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The Bam! Box has just announced some major subscription update – a new bigger box subscription, new ordering window and system, and more!

Here’s the full announcement:


I will keep this as brief as possible.

If you missed the live even on the 19th, and you get a BAM! box, have gotten one in the past or even have been curious about us, then get ready. This was the biggest set of announcements we have EVER made. 


OK, this first one is really exciting. We have taken a different approach to BAM! Instead of trying to focus our attention on growing bigger, we are going to actually cap the number of boxes we do each month. And with this cap, we are going to start offering more to the BAM! subscriber. We want being a BAMMER to be something really special. So we are capping the boxes at 2,500 each. This is the number we believe we can still deliver the quality of service we want for you plus start adding in these “exclusive” perks. As long as you have an active subscription, you are a BAMMER and part of this exclusive box. If your subscription is canceled and the boxes are capped, then you will move to a waiting list to see if a spot opens up again. Keeping your subscription active just got a lot more beneficial!


We made some changes to how BAM! can be ordered. This allows us to make sure the cap works properly and should lessen confusion around the boxes. We are getting rid of the “monthly” box system and moving it to a numbered system. Like comic books. We are currently in Volume 4 (our 4th year of sending out boxes!!) and this next one will be box number 10. We will ship out 12 Pop Culture boxes a year and 12 Horror boxes a year.  And the ordering window just changed. Assuming there are boxes to be ordered, the window to buy them will now be from the 1st through the 15th of each month!


We launched a new box! It is called the BAM! Big Box (logo up above). It will ship 6 times a year. 3 of those times will be Pop Culture and 3 will be Horror. They will ship every other month. Think of this as Expansion Packs 2.0. They will be full boxes with higher end celebrity autographs. We did our first one (Pop Culture) the night of the LIVE event and it sold out in a couple of hours. The next one will be a Horror box in November. Keep an eye out for details and ordering times. Prices will vary depending on box contents.


We have enjoyed moving to Texas and living in this smaller town. But it no longer can handle our growth and the future plans for the company. So we are moving our company headquarters to one of our favorite cities in this country: Austin, TX!! This is going to be really good for the company. From shipping to new vendors and opportunities, Austin will help us enhance the customer experience for you. We will be moving end of February.


This has to be one of the biggest requests we get. And it is going to happen. The merch store for BAM! is about to be stocked with new hats, shirts, pop sockets, items for your pets and more! We will be doing the same for The Drop. Be on the lookout for this announcement. And check out the BAM! store now to see some of the new styles coming.  


You can see a glimpse of it up above. We switched up some of the design to better suite you.  

I tried to keep this as brief as possible. There is so much happening that is going to make the BAM! experience better and now adding in The Drop. Get ready!

And we keep mentioning this, because we want to make sure you keep hearing it: there isn’t an us without you! 

Thank you for being the best geek family on the planet.

– Adam
The Bam Box Founder


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