Pearlesque Box September 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Pearlesque Box is a subscription box that delivers full-sized and travel-sized beauty products from around the world to your home each month so that you can accurately judge how each product affects your skin. Each month features a different organic, non-toxic, natural skin care line. This box is $39.95 a month (or a bit lower for longer sub terms) and promises a value of $90 – and it is often well above that!

Only about 10% of the 10,000 chemicals commonly found in personal care products have safety data

The US has NOT passed a federal law to regulate the ingredients used in personal care products since 1938

The European Union has spent the past two decades banning or restricting more than 1,300 ingredients, the US has only banned 11

20% of personal-care products that contain at least one chemical linked to cancer

Our mission is to bring you organic, non-toxic and safe products!

DEAL: Save $5 on your first month with PEARL5.

I received a card with background info on the featured brand for September, Dirty Lamb:

Dirty Lamb is a chic, high performance skin care line that focuses on the use of natural ingredients, with no hidden agenda. Ahlam Abbas creates unisex skin care products that leave your skin – and your bathroom – less cluttered. Dirty Lamb does not discriminate about who you are; we’re here to reveal the best version of yourself.

The back of the card listed each product, its retail value, and how to use each item. Check out the #pearltip for additional info.

Presentation is extremely minimal with this box. The outside of the box is plain and the inside has wadded up paper to keep the items from shifting. You can see that something leaked and got on the box and product info card.

Everything in my September 2019 Pearlesque Box!

Dirty Lamb Ultra Day Serum ($44) I thought it was perfect that Pearlesque sent a day and night serum to try out!

Ingredients include rice bran and hemp seed oils, plus lemon and sage oils.

Apply after cleansing face and skip if you are going to spend a lot of time outside – lemon oil may make the skin more susceptible to burning. At the very least, make sure to follow with sunscreen!

The oil has a light scent, like lemon and rosemary, and felt really nice on my skin.

Dirty Lamb Ultra Night Serum ($52) A night serum helps keep skin soft throughout the night and has a touch of lavender, which may help induce sleep.

Wheat germ and avocado oils (plus a few others) are mixed with ylang ylang, orange, and lavender oils.

Apply after cleansing and before bed. This one smells even better than the morning serum, although both products are not super strong smelling.

Just like the day serum, it went on easily and left my skin soft and smooth.

Dirty Lamb Turkish Coffee Mask ($44) We received two ground coffee-based scrubs and this first one is for the face.

It has ground coffee plus coconut oil, turmeric, mint, and cardamom.

You can apply it to the face and then wait 20 minutes before gently rubbing it off while rinsing.

The product was sealed but still leaked during shipping.

Coconut oil may harden during cold weather so you may need to warm this up a bit before using. I used it on my face and it was way too rough for facial skin in my opinion. I guess I can see the benefit of sitting with it on your face so the ingredients can soothe skin but as for the rubbing, it hurt too much for me to continue.

Dirty Lamb Coffee Scrub ($21) I’m not sure why the travel-sized product is so expensive when the full-sized (8 ounces) is only $7 more.

It is also made with ground coffee and coconut oil, plus peppermint leaves and extract and water.

Like the face mask above, this product may need to be warmed up before using.

It also leaked despite being sealed.

I used it in the shower and really liked how abrasive it was on my skin. The scent combo of coffee and mint was very uplifting and my skin felt smooth afterwards. I didn’t even need to use a separate moisturizer! It can also be used on the face although I’m going to save it for my body. Word of warning: this made a mess in my shower so make sure to take a plastic container in there so you can rinse off the walls and floors when you are finished.

I enjoyed my products from the September Pearlesque Box! I liked how natural the ingredients were from Dirty Lamb and would love to try some of their other offerings. I thought it was great that they sent a day and night serum and the scrubs were fun to try, even if they were a bit messy. Everything smelled amazing and left my skin soft. The value for the September box was around $161!

Do you subscribe to Pearlesque Box? What did you think of this month’s box? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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