Papirmass September 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Papirmass is a monthly art print subscription. Each month, you’ll get an art print to satisfy your art and cultural curiosity – delivered right to your doorstep. You’ll never have trouble adding a new art print for your collection since Papirmass is the perfect way to discover new and upcoming great artists. It ships worldwide (with free shipping!) from Canada.

The prints are wrapped in custom-printed rigid mailers to protect the print.

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It was perfectly sealed when it arrived from the mail.


Every print arrives with a mini-interview of the artist. This month, we have Kirsten Francis, an artist from Encinitas, CA.

It gives us a glimpse of the artist’s creative process.

Everything in my pack!

“Jettison” Art Print. I really love how the artist expresses herself through her artworks, and it looks like she really loves using nature in most of her craft, like this one that features colorful and beautiful birds. This may be a collage but you can really see the beauty of these creatures, and that concentric circle at the middle actually positions every element on their right or perfect places.

The back of the artwork gives us more information about the art piece, like the print method used, display suggestions, and more. You can also appreciate the artwork more by considering some questions listed.

Postcard. As an artist who loves making a collage, Kirsten really made a beautiful postcard with her specialty. It’s entitled “Ash Bouquet,” combining both the elements in the title like the beautiful flowers and what seems like a landform.

The back of the postcards in this box shares the art style used by the artists. For this one, there are some inspiring words from the artist:

Making collages is my way of dealing with being bombarded by so much information, visual or otherwise. When I cut out and manipulate the images I find in magazines or books, I am mastering them.

Papirmass Creative Card. This month’s creative card features a beautiful quote from Pema Chodron.

To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.

At the back, there is a nice image that you can color. They also encourage you to share the finished project on Instagram.

The artist for this month has a really unique, yet effective style of expressing herself through her work, and I really appreciate it! I love how she uses a concentric circle on her collages, as it doesn’t just add beauty to her work but I see it as a way of guiding herself on how she’ll put the other elements on the picture as well. I also love how her artworks feature nature, especially the postcard. Papirmass provides with nice artworks that I can use for display, while helping more artists to be known for their craft! It’s a double win!

What did you think of this month’s prints from Papirmass?

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