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Panda Crate is a subscription from the KiwiCo family that’s specifically curated for babies ages 0-2. Shipping every other month, it costs $39.90 with free shipping to the US. This subscription is made for infants and toddlers to help in their early childhood development. Each box includes 5-6 learning toys and/or books ideal for child’s age and stage, a copy of wonder magazine, Activity Cards to promote learning and development, and Beyond the Crate Cards to help you bond and explore with your child. All products from this box are designed by experts and backed by researchers at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

It’s the BOND WITH ME box!

Everything is placed inside this cute green box!

You can also tell what box from KiwiCo you’re getting by looking at the side, and see what box is encircled. it’s definitely the Panda crate!

The box looks full, and we’re excited!

It comes with a Wonder Magazine and a card.

There’s no extra packaging but everything came in perfect condition.

Everything in my box!

Panda Crate Zipper Pouch. We got a gift from the box, an adorable zipper pouch!

Along with the pouch is a note from Dr. Dimitri A. Christakis from Seattle Children’s Research Institute.

There’s also a card that welcomes us to Panda Crate!

We also love the fact that a portion of every Panda Crate purchase helps support research about child development.

The pouch has a white base color with small black triangles printed everywhere. Similar to a panda’s color, right?

There’s also another note from the Founder and CEO of KiwiCo, Sandra Oh Lin!

Wonder Magazine and Crate Card. Every box also includes a magazine and some crate cards!

Bonding with your little one helps to develop their growing brain!

It also lists down the contents of the box, and provided bits of information about each of them!

This month’s Wonder Magazine includes special articles about Parent-Child Bonding, Babies and Stress, and Understanding Baby Cues.

The back of the magazine presented us KiwiCo’s goals for the next generation of innovators!

There’s a table of contents, so you can easily get an overview of all the topics.

To help us understand our babies more, they included this article that focuses on how babies can cope with stress!

They listed baby cues and what could it possibly mean, so we can easily understand what the baby wants to tell us!

There’s also a column that tackles the most common baby problems, as well as a parent tool kit and a lullaby sing-along guide.

Tummy Time Mirror. The first fun item for my baby is this colorful Tummy Time Mirror!

It arrived wrapped in a brown paper featuring the item name, the Panda Crate logo, and a cute panda illustration.

You can either hang it up on your baby’s room or bring along with you during travels. It’s foldable and very convenient to use!

It includes a baby-safe mirror, card pockets, and flaps for it to be grabbed, lifted or flipped easier.

It also has an adorable panda image!

This is fun! You can see some adorable Panda emojis too!

The card pocket is really useful for the other inclusions from this month’s box.

My youngest is having fun with her Tummy Time Mirror!

She got fascinated by it, and she loves seeing her cute face in the mirror as well.

Got a tummy time resistor in your hands? Many babies need a little (or a lot) of convincing to be okay on their tummies, but don’t give up! Even a minute of tummy time a few times a day helps babies get used to it, and that practice builds the core strength and control they’ll need to roll over, crawl, and explore their world.

Black & White Cards. We also got some Panda-colored fun cards that aim for a baby’s visual development.

The cards have a hole that can fit a ring to bind the cards together!

The high-contrast images are nice. They range from simple to complex, and they fit the Tummy Time Mirror as well.

We shared the cards with a friend’s baby. They definitely caught her attention! She likes those cute images!

Newborns are drawn to high-contrast images because their eyes are tuned to notice the edges of an object against a background (like a dark block on a light blanket). Bold patterns with lots of edges provide plenty of visual input to engage your baby’s attention and help develop their eyesight.

Swaddle Blanket. Swaddling the babies will make them feel safe and helps them to sleep more peacefully. We got the perfect swaddle blanket!

The blanket is made of 100% cotton muslin.

It’s colorful, lightweight, and soft, perfect for my baby’s good night’s sleep!

It’s also large enough to swaddle the baby. It’s breathable to so expect a quiet and comfy sleep for the baby, which means a peaceful and comfy sleep for parents as well!

Why swaddle? Remember, your baby spent nine months all cozy in the womb. A swaddle mimics those same conditions, while helping to ease the startle or moro reflex. This reflex is present from birth, and can cause a fast-asleep baby to suddenly fling their arms out to the side and (uh-oh) wake up.

Milestone Pillow & Cards. The pillow will remind you of your baby’s milestone, along with some month cards! However, it’s not a toy so don’t leave it on a crib or leave with the baby unattended.

The pillow has a clear pocket in front where you can put the month card.

The back of the pillow is in gray, with some white stars printed all over.

On top of the clear pocket is an adorable panda smiling for your baby’s milestones!

This set also includes the month cards placed in a labeled brown envelope.

The cards can be used for up to 12 months (or 1 year)!

You can also track the kid’s progress with each card.

It doesn’t feel like it at 2:00 am, but a baby’s first year flies by. Newborns change crazy fast, so we wanted to make it easy to capture some milestones for you (and your child) to remember. It’s hard to imagine now, but when your baby is a toddler, they’ll love looking back and talking to you about “when I was little.”

Beyond The Crate Cards. These cards feature activities you can do to bond with your kid. The first one is entitled Tour Guide, which will make walking around the house a brain-building activity. It’s suited for 0-6-month-olds.

Your baby can’t talk yet, but they’re listening! Hearing from you every day — reading, singing, or talking — is the key to growing connections in your baby’s brain. A quick tour around the house provides plenty to talk about, without the need to pack a diaper bag (or change out of sweatpants).

The next activity is called Eye Candy and it aims for the kid’s visual development.

Babies can perceive moving objects much more easily than stationary ones. (That’s why many babies find ceiling fans fascinating.) You can use this trick to grab your baby’s attention when introducing a new object. Try it and you’ll see how quickly your baby’s eyesight develops over the first few months.

To build the baby’s sense of balance, here’s an activity called Flying Baby. It helps stimulate their vestibular system!

Any movement that changes your baby’s position stimulates their vestibular system, the sensory system that controls the sense of motion and balance. This type of stimulation helps build your baby’s balance while strengthening the inner ear, eye muscles, and neck and back muscles. (Plus, it’s fun!)

Music is an effective way to introduce new things to babies. The next activity is Dance Party!

You and your baby don’t need words to communicate — by tuning in to your baby’s signals and responding, you’re laying the groundwork for language learning (and making them feel safe and loved). Dancing with your baby is a joyful way to connect, and helps your baby associate the music they want to hear with comfort.

Panda Crate is the perfect box for developing babies! The activities and contents of the box are all useful, and they will definitely help the parents connect and bond with their young ones. Among the items that we got, our favorite is the Milestone Pillow with Month Cards! We can make a milestone album with these cute items and see how our baby develops each month, as we also track down her progress. The visually-stimulating black and white cards are also great as our baby’s attention was really caught by those high-contrast images. We can also tell that the Tummy Time Mirror is her favorite as she spent more time with it! We love this baby box and we’re excited for the next ones to come!

What do you think of this month’s Panda Crate?

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