Mysteries of the Tarot Subscription Box – October 2019

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Mysteries of the Tarot is a subscription box from Tarot on Winter that will send you a new Tarot or Oracle Deck, or both, matched to the theme of the month. In addition, you will receive some Tarot accessories such as crystals, bags, clots, a custom Tarot spread, etc. The subscription is $45 a month for one deck or $62 for both the Oracle and the Tarot Deck.

This review is for both decks. Everything came in a simple box with the Tarot on Winter stamp.

Tucked between layers of paper, we received this welcoming letter as well as the custom tarot spread of the month.

Underneath, I can see some lovely velvet bags, as well as a well-wrapped goody.

The letter introduces us to the monthly theme with some information about the goodies included. For October, the theme is Raven. I love Ravens, so this box is right up my alley!

The custom spread has a “Raven’s Blessing” theme and was created to harness the power within you.

The reverse side explains in detail what each position represents. I really like this as it helps me to focus on one spread for the whole month instead of trying different spreads all the time and not getting anywhere! It’s also really helpful to have a spread to work with while learning a new deck. This is also a nice spread for both tarot and an oracle deck.

The first thing I took out of the box are these two cute little purple bags.

This month’s Oracle Deck is the Raven’s Wand Oracle by Steven Hutton. The Tarot Deck is the Raven’s Prophecy Tarot by Maggie Stiefvater.

This Oracle deck is based on the Dark Raven Chronicles, a trilogy by Steve Hutton that tells the story of two opposing secret societies waging a war of belief behind the skin of Victorian Britain. One uses magic to heal the world, while the other twists it into abominations and war machines. As a book lover, this sounds really interesting and I’m looking forward to work with this deck.

The box includes a small reference book and has 44 cards.

The cards have no borders, beside the bottom part with the card’s name.

The cards are lovely drawn and there’s a lot to look at. But we a quick first look, I feel I’m missing some story behind the drawings.  I’m thinking of reading the trilogy to really understand the world this deck lives in.

The cards are slightly bigger than my Tarot de Marseilles deck.

But they still fit nicely in the hand.

The booklet explains each card with it’s reversed meaning.

There’s also some spreads to use with this deck.

The cards fit in the bigger velvet bag and it looks really nice.

The Raven’s Prophecy tarot deck was created by the author of the Raven Cycle, a series of book I couldn’t get through, so I was a bit worried about feeling this deck.

The cards have an orange border, which can be easily cut out for those who don’t like them. But although I really liked this deck at first glance, I am confused by the cards.

For the minor arcanas, I’m used to having some cohesion in the suits, even when the deck is not using the common Wands, Coins, Swords or Cups names. For example, this deck uses a hand to represent the Swords, but the court cards feature feathers (that are used for the cups), scissors, and an actual sword. But then, one of the Wand court cards uses a sword. Going through all the cards, I find it lovely but not intuitive at all.

The back has a very simple orange design on black. The deck is about the same size as my Tarot de Marseilles deck.

It’s easy to shuffle and fits nicely in the hand.

The deck comes with a well-needed book to understand each card.

Each cards has a story attach to them to put you in the mood of it. It also has keywords, making it easy to remember their meaning.

The story behind the deck is a fun way to get to know the cards.

There’s also some spreads examples to use this deck.

This is a cute deck that fits nicely in the smaller of the two purple bags.

In the box, we also received these small tumbled Rhodonite stones. Rhodonite is associated with passion, love, self worth, and are perfect to bring out the passion to let us live to our fullest potential.

A Raven themed box wouldn’t be complete without a raven! This cute little figurine is adorable and can live on an altar or on top of your brand new decks!

Look at this cutie!

The last item in the box is this candle holder.

Sadly, even though it was well wrapped and nothing in the box was moving much, mine was broken.

Mysteries of the Tarot Subscription Box is a nice subscription to discover new Oracle or Tarot deck with a theme. I thought I would love the Raven’s Prophecy Tarot but some of the cards confused me while the deck itself is lovely. I’m still on the fence for the Oracle deck as I have to work a bit more with it to fully understand it, which is normal as I always need more time with an oracle deck, but so far it’s a cute deck. The thing with this month’s box is that both decks are from writers and are tied with some of their books. I think that reading their books would help understand the depth of both decks, especially for the Raven’s Wand Oracle deck. I loved the Raven theme and the little Raven is adorable and a nice addition to the box. Overall, I really enjoyed this box and I’m happy that we got a custom spread for the month as it helps to dig in both decks and get to know them throughout the month.

What did you think of this subscription?

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