Moms + Babes Fall 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon – INFANT BOX

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Moms + Babes is a quarterly curated collection of at least 6 full-size, premium products. If you select the Toddler or Infant box, you and your baby will get full-size products to open together and enjoy. If you select the Mom box, then you will receive a full box of products curated for moms only. Each box is promised to have a retail value of $150+.

This is the review of the Infant box.

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The items are packed with white squiggles!

The box is full of stuff that both mommies and babies!

It also came with a pamphlet.

At the back is a message from Jana and Sarah, the founders of Moms + Babes.

Here’s a list of all the items in the Fall box.

Here are the items for the babes! The product descriptions are quite short, but they’ve included the website URLs of each item.

Meanwhile, here are the items for moms!

They even included a 25% off coupon code.

Everything is protected by white squiggles!

Everything in my box!

White House Foods Clear Applesauce ($3.49) My baby can’t get enough of this pure apple goodness! It’s even packed in a clear pouch so you can see what you’re putting in your baby’s belly!

The applesauce should be consumed within 24 hours after opening. My youngest loves the delicious apple taste of the sauce and it won’t even last for another hour, so I’ve no worries that it might go bad!

Miamily Binkster ($14.90) Before anything else, the Binkster’s pack included an exclusive offer which is $30 off HIPSTER smart 3D hip seat baby carrier using the provided code valid until November 3, 2019!

The packaging included instructions on how to properly and effectively use the Binkster.

The Binkster is a 4-in-1 pacifier clip that works for soothing your baby.

The Binkster consists of a pacifier cover, a sensory toy, a teether, and a pacifier clip.

It looks cute, and the design is really chic as well!

I love that it’s really convenient to use, and my baby loves it as well! She likes the teether most. It also keeps her pacifier clean and readily available for use.

Jackson Reece Baby Wipes ($3.89) A pack of good baby wipes is a must-have, especially when we’re out and about!

The wipes are hypoallergenic and perfect for kids, especially those who have sensitive skin. The wipes are also 100% biodegradable, compostable, and chlorine-free!

Baby Banana Infant Toothbrush ($9.99) This early, we need to take care of our babies’ teeth, so a kid-friendly brush is perfect, like this one! It even comes in an adorable design!

The toothbrush is BPA-free and made of 100% silicone. It’s gentle on a baby’s teeth and gums.

The kids will definitely think it’s a toy, so brushing their teeth won’t be hard, just be creative on how you’ll do it!

The soft grip made it really safe to use and I don’t have to worry about it hurting my kid’s teeth or gums.

Hashtag Kids Blanket. Blankets are one of the items that usually get messy and dirty, and I’m happy to get another one from this box because with a baby, one can never have too many blankets!

The design on the blanket is a sleeping star, just like my baby.

The blanket also has the branding of Hashtag Kids on it.

It also is the right size to keep the baby safe and warm during a good night’s sleep!

Anjie + Ash Teething Necklace ($28) The next item is packed in a cute stringed pouch, with the brand’s name printed on it.

It’s actually an accessory for the mommas! It’s a stylish accessory that will catch not just everyone’s attention, but most especially, your little one’s!

Don’t worry if your baby started to chew or bite into it, as the oval beads are made of high-quality food-grade silicone.

There’s also an included card that talks more about the necklace. Apparently, it can be washed in warm water or soapy water and air-dried. Adult supervision is still required when in use, and the magnetic clasp is not made for chewing. The necklace is 30″ long with a 14″ drop.

Florastor Baby Probiotic ($19.10) Gut health is really important, even for the babies! This daily probiotic supplement not only ensures a healthy gut but also supports a baby’s immune system.

Each sachet contains 250 mg of Saccharomyces boulardii CNCM I-745 that increases enzyme activity and nutrient absorption induced by the probiotics and 32.5 mg of Lactose.

The box contains 18 sticks, and they are flavorless so the kids will not notice if you mix it with their food or drink!

LimeLight by Alcone One Drop Wonder ($69) I could definitely use an anti-aging product! Skin care may be too much to squeeze in a busy day of a mom, so this One Drop Wonder could do the trick. The Pomifera oil works for all skin types. It’s a lightweight, vegan oil that is isolated from the seeds of the Maclura Pomifera fruit. It can even be mixed with any product to function as a booster that enhances the product’s benefits!

Keller Works Chillax Roll-On Essential Oil ($6) This roll-on essential oil is a blend of relaxing essential oils that also promotes calmness and reduces anxiety. It is also great for babies.

It contains organic olive oil, lavender, and cedarwood essential oils. Just roll on some on your palms, then inhale 3 times for instant relaxation.

Diabolo Sparkling Fresh Lemonade ($2.20) Another refreshing inclusion for moms in this box is this can of French soda!

The soda has captured the delicious taste combination of dragonfruit and satsuma plums! It’s guilt-free too as it only has 30 calories per serving!

Kopari Deodorant ($14) The deodorant is made with organic coconut oil! It somehow smells like coconut milk, the sweet and refreshing smell of summer. Aside from coconut water and coconut oil, it also has sage oil that helps condition and soothe even the most sensitive type of skin!

The product looks like a coconut shell because of its color. Also, it has a non-toxic formula that actively works with the body’s natural function that helps in eliminating unwanted odor from the body. The deodorant glides on smoothly, leaving no sticky white residue on the skin, or even stain on your clothes!

Not Your Mother’s Part Time Air Dry Accelerator ($7.99) Having shoulder-length hair or longer is really a hassle after taking a morning shower and you’re in a hurry to leave the house. Sometimes, blow-drying is taking long and I can’t afford to be late for any appointments. And here’s a solution for that problem: an air-dry accelerator! The product uses quick-dry emollients that promote hair’s natural style without the effort and it also contains sea buckthorn oil that softens the hair, reduces frizz, and eliminates flyaways. Just spray it evenly onto damp hair and let it air dry.

Revelé Tweezer + Extractor Duo The tweezer is a good addition to my purse, and it can help me with several fashion emergencies as well. This one from Revele has a slanted tip tweezer on one side and an extractor end with a microfine loop.

The tweezer has a soft touch that makes it easy to grip and gives greater control.

The tweezer can be used in tweezing the brows, or even for applying eyelashes. The other end, which is the extractor, is used to clear clogged pores, the small loop end to remove blackheads while the curved tip to remove whiteheads.

It’s another box of goodies for moms and babies, and we’re really happy with everything! Being a parent is a 24/7 job and, most of the time, there aren’t really holidays as we need to care for our kids all the time! But there are items that will definitely help us get through the everyday struggles of parenthood. I am happy with all the items for the babies especially the teether accessories and the fresh blanket. I also like all the mommy stuff that I got, and they’re all helpful, especially the air dry accelerator! Being a mom may be a tough job but nothing really compares. With boxes like this one, who would even complain?

What do you think of this month’s Mom + Babes box?

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