Love With Food September 2019 Deluxe Box Review + Coupon!

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Love with Food Deluxe Box sends 15+ surprise snacks from various healthy snack brands each month. It’s an ideal snack box for sharing at home or if you are a heavy snacker. This particular plan promises to include plenty of snacks for everyone and a few duplicates. Also, the snack box only includes snacks made with real ingredients and no added chemicals. The Deluxe Box is $19.95 a month. Love with Food also offers other snack boxes such as the classic Tasting box and the Gluten-free box.

Our team scours hundreds of brands every month and chooses the best tasting, feel good options for your box.

  • No chemicals, artificial flavoring, MSG or high fructose corn syrup
  • Clean and delicious snacks made with real ingredients
  • Every snack passes our 73 Banned Ingredients List
  • Expertly sourced, vetted and curated

DEALSave 40% off your first Love With Food Box:

Packed to the top! For every box sent to subscribers, Love With Food donates a meal to families in need. Don’t forget to review your snacks so you can earn points for even more snacks!

Everything in my box!

I received a few promos and offers.

Stryve Biltong Snacks Sliced Beef Biltong ($4.49) I don’t usually eat dried meat snacks but I gave this a try and I was reminded why I don’t eat this kind of treat. It had a weird consistency (it is air dried) but it was very spicy, which I liked. I passed this to my husband and he enjoyed it and loved the spiciness.

Field Trip Maple BBQ Pork Stick ($1.08) is made of pork and spices, plus sea salt and brown sugar. I will ask my husband if he wants it, since he really liked the biltong strips.

Olyra Breakfast Cinnamon Tahini Biscuits ($3.75) are made with a variety of plant flours, plus tahini and eggs. It can be eaten for breakfast on the run but you might want a glass of milk to go with them.

Smart Tart Strawberry Chia ($1.67) can also double as breakfast and makes a change from the artificially colored toaster tarts.

Know Better Cookie Double Chocolate ($2.84) is sweetened with Allulose, a sugar substitute that has only been on the market a short time. It had shredded coconut inside, and flax seeds are listed. It was pretty tasty!

Harvest Snaps Southern Style BBQ Black Bean Snack Crisps ($2.22) I would totally buy these again, they were so good! They had a consistency like Cheetos Puffs but a spicy BBQ flavor. The whole bag is considered one serving and has 7 grams of fiber, but I think it’s enough for three people.

Papa’s Sweet & Salty Skinless Popcorn Pops (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) reminded me of a puffy breakfast cereal that I tried once in my childhood and really didn’t like. It isn’t really like popcorn at all, had a puffy texture, and tasted sweet and salty.

Bush’s Best Roasted Garlic Chickpeas were crispy and reminded me of roasted soybeans. I ate these after the BBQ bean chips so I couldn’t really detect much garlic flavor.

Ekoa Pure Banana Fruit Bar ($1.83) My daughter claimed all of the snacks in this picture. She said this bar tasted just like a banana.

Zego Blueberry Fruit Bar ($1.58) She also enjoyed the blueberry bar. Pureed and dried fruit snacks are her favorite and this and the banana bar were only made of their namesake fruits.

Welch’s Fruit Snacks (14¢) have a few more ingredients but of course, my daughter really liked it too, but as a parent I prefer the snacks that are a bit less processed.

Legendary Foods Buffalo Blue Wing Seasoned Almonds ($2.33) are very tasty, whole almonds with a spicy coating that made for a quick snack.

Nature’s Garden Cranberry Health Mix ($0.99) is another one of my favorite snacks! I love nut and dried fruit blends with minimal processing or ingredients.

Just nuts, seeds, and dried, sweetened fruit.

The Toasted Oat Bakehouse in Blueberry Cobbler was like eating oatmeal cookie dough, so soft and moist! I loved it!

Emily’s Daily Nuts & Fruit is another trail mix, nothing fancy but everything tasty.

Here’s some of the blueberry granola, which I can’t imagine eating like cereal. I just dropped it in my mouth.

Alo Snacks ($2.50) I love dried fruit and this snack was super tasty! It had dried, natural mango, which was kind of chewy, and candied aloe, which I would have sworn was dried sweetened pineapple, it had a similar flavor and texture. 

Lekkco Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread I’m waiting for strawberries to go on sale so I can take them in my lunch and dip them in this chocolate and hazelnut spread. I haven’t encountered this brand at the store but the individual cups make portion control easier.

Love With Food sends a pretty good selection of snacks and seems like a good fit for families, thanks to the inclusion of fruit-based gummy snacks. I like that I can just grab a snack and take it to work without giving it much thought. Some of the items I’ve received are things I wouldn’t necessarily pick out at the store but then they turn out to be super tasty! I found 17 snacks in my box, so the price per item is around $1.17.

What’s your favorite snack from the Love With Food Deluxe Box this month?

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