Geek Gear Box September 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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GeekGear is a UK subscription box for geeks and gamers. You’ll receive one box a month filled with gear according to the monthly theme. Items include licensed and exclusive merchandise, plus other surprises. The current price of this subscription is £19.99 plus £5.99 shipping to the US – about $37 shipped.

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The box is full, and all the contents are protected by brown squiggles!

They also included a Geek Gear Scratchcard!

A tri-fold pamphlet is included, which gives more information about this month’s box contents.

It gives you a full list of all the items in your box.

Everything in my box!

Exclusive Majora’s Mask (£15.99) The Majora’s Mask is an item from The Legend of Zelda. The Mask is an ancient artifact that was used by an ancient tribe for its bewitching rituals. It’s a heart-shaped mask with 2 bulging eyes, and some colorful spikes at the sides, and two spikes at the upper part which makes it look like it has horns.

It’s a powerful mask that was sealed away to prevent a great catastrophe. The details of the replica we got are impressive!

Licensed & Exclusive Zelda Print (£5.99) This month’s Geek Gear Licensed Exclusive print features Link. It’s another The Legend of Zelda item!

The print features Link and his faithful steed, Epona. The colors are awesome, and it actually looks like a watercolor painting. This one can be framed and displayed!

Exclusive Gamer For Life T-Shirt (£11.99) This shirt is cool! As someone who loves gaming, I should really wear this black tee loud and proud!

Since the shirt is in black, the prints came in white. It also features classic consoles and some known characters from classic video games like Pac-man, Space Invaders, Tetris, and more!

Exclusive Men In Black Gun (£9.99) Here’s a replica of one of the weapons of the agents from Men In Black, and it’s the Noisy Cricket!

The Noisy Cricket is a tiny, palm-sized firearm notorious for expelling enormous amounts of firepower. Despite its remarkably small size, it launches a large orb of energy. The Cricket can level a truck or blast through five feet of concrete. Few agents never get the hang of holding the gun properly to minimize its kickback, often resulting in hurling them across the room.

It’s a cool item, if not for a broken part on the trigger!

Licensed Warmhammer Champions Campaign Deck Chaos (£11.99) We also got a cool card game, Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions is a next generation collectible, trading card game centered around Champions and their quest for divine favor. Two players face off, representing one of the four Alliances, and fight until one of them is left standing. The most unique feature of the game is the rotation mechanic: Every turn, units and spells in play rotate, growing stronger, weaker, or completely changing their properties on the battlefield.

The back of the box lists down all its contents, and even gives us a look on the other sets. We got Chaos and the other sets available are Order, Death, and Destruction.

The pack contains army cards, card boosters, and the featured exclusive card in this set, which is Chaos.

Here’s the spread out campaign mat!

The booster pack contains 13 cards!

The booster pack contains 6 common cards, 3 uncommon cards, 1 rare card, 2 guaranteed Champion or blessing cards, and 1 guaranteed foil card.

The artwork on each card is fantastic! Each player’s goal is to remove their opponent from the game while ensuring that they remain in it. This can be done by reducing the opponent’s health total to 0, or through the Empty Deck Check rule.

Licensed Rick & Morty Mug Set (£11.99) I got another set of cool ceramic mugs from this box, and this time they featured the characters from animated Sci-Fi sitcom, Rick and Morty!

The mugs are placed inside a cool window box.

The characters printed on each mug are even made into cosmic style!

The other side of the mug has the character’s favorite expressions, like Rick’s dumb catchphrase “Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub!” and Morty’s “Oh Geez”!

They gave us a hint for next month’s box! Are you ready for IT?! Look at Pennywise’s creepy beam!

All I can say is that this box is AWESOME! I love the contents, including replicas of iconic items from games and series/movies! However, I am kind of disappointed with the Noisy Cricket as the trigger is broken. It will be one of the coolest weapon replicas that I got from these geek boxes if ever. I also like the Majora’s Mask as it reminded me of the game and how chaotic it’ll be if left in the hands of the Skull Kid! Seeing the hint for next month’s box also made me thrilled. I just can’t get Pennywise’s smile out of my mind!

What do you think of this month’s Geek Gear box?

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