We Craft Box July 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupons!

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We Craft Box is a craft subscription for kids. Each box comes with a themed story to inspire your children, and 2 to 3 prepared kids crafts with multiple blanks so parents or siblings can craft along. All materials are included (with the exception of scissors).

Crafters can sign up for a month-to-month, three-month, six-month or annual subscription that automatically renews. All plans can also be sent as a gift that does not renew. A month-to-month subscription starts at $29.99 per month and includes free shipping.

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The box’s contents look colorful!

The box is filled with all sorts of crafty items and we’re excited to use them all!

Every box includes an information card with a message from the curator of the box. At the back, there’s a lovely poem that describes this month’s featured activities. This is certainly a super fun and engaging way to start the craft.

Also included is an instruction guide, supported by images of the steps.

We have a total of four activities in store for us.

All the materials needed are included in the box.

#1: Beautiful Dreamcatchers

For the Beautiful Dreamcatchers, we used the cutout templates, beads, cord, and oil pastel.

We first popped out the feather tendrils and started decorating the circle using the oil pastel.

We made a color pattern for this one. It looks cool!

Then, we started some weaving on the dreamcatcher. There are several holes in the circle so we can weave the cord easily. Also, as we weave, we added some beads before continuing the weaves.

You can add more beads or colors to your dreamcatcher. As for our dreamcatchers, one had the middles feather longer than the other two, which looks awesome. It’s also nice to add long and colorful tubes to the cord that is connecting the feathers to the dreamcatcher.

#2 Happy Cactus Friends

Among the activities, this one is the easiest! Most of the materials are already pre-made, and we just need to stick them! For the Happy Cactus friends, we used cactus tubes, arms, and some decorating pieces like googly eyes, hat, and mustache.

We just need to attach the arms first to the cactus’ body using foam stickers. Then, we added some details like the googly eyes!

One got a flower accessory. We also put a smile on it!

The other one got the patterned hat and the mustache! Both looked so adorable!

#3 Funky Southwest Geo Bracelets

The next activity is making a Funky Southwest Geo Bracelet. We got slap bracelets to design with some colorful foam pieces!

This activity will also show how creative the kids are when decorating the bracelets with different color and patterns!

The bracelets look cool! I really like how randomly they stuck the shapes to the slap bracelets, which makes these look more artistic and spontaneous!

The bracelets can be easily worn, you just need to slap them on your wrist!

The kids really had fun with these colorful accessories!

#4 Setting Up Camp In The Desert

Here’s everything that we need to create the camp in the desert! We also made use of the box itself to create the diorama.

For our final craft, we set up our own camp in the desert! The first thing to do is to make the background with the sun and mountain range!

We used colored papers and oil pastel to create a nice background.

After the seam where the mountain and the sun met is glued, we traced the outlines of the elements using the oil pastel.

We also made a tent using yellow paper!

The tent can stand on its own!

We also became artsy with the coyotes!

To build the campfire, we used colored tissue papers and the craft cup.

We first put the background on one side of the craft box.

We arranged the camp and added our previous crafts on it as well. The cactus friends look like they’re having a great time in the camp!

This box took us to the outer space, under the sea, and now, to the desert! We even made our own camp, which is totally fun. Among the activities, our favorite part is setting up the camp. We really had fun making the background and the other elements that will make up our camp. It’s also fun to make the dreamcatchers, and my kids love the weaving part as well! Bonding over this box is really awesome, everyone also learns something, from crafting and art techniques and the “places” we’re exploring!

What do you think of this month’s box?

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