MarichanBox July 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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MarichanBox is a monthly Korean beauty (skincare & makeup) box straight from Korea to your door! There are usually 5 or so items inside, and in addition to beauty items there might be other surprises or sweets! The box costs $40 USD and shipping is FREE! In addition to their skincare box, Marichan also has a online shop for Korean products, so it’s safe to say they’re going to send some awesome items!

DEAL: Get 10% off your first box when you use the coupon code MB09.

The super cute box slides out from the cover, and the information booklet is right on top.

The booklet is in full colour. The first few pages introduce this month’s highlighted brand which is Dewytree! Dewytree’s missive is products with clean ingredients to heal and nurture the skin.

The information booklet is a nice mixture of content, including an article about Korea’s most famous boyband, BTS! I’m not a full-on ARMY member, but my favourites are RM and Jin.

A primer on the Korean writing alphabet, hangul, is included!

And so are monthly horoscopes!

The products are packed nicely in the box with tissue and a drawstring bag. This presentation is amazing!

Dewytree Camellia Extract Emulsion — Camellia extract is a powerful antioxidant that’s used in both Korean and Japanese skincare for its benefits. The Dewytree emulsion is a lightweight lotion that also contains macadamia nut oil and shea butter. Both of these are occlusives which means this lightweight lotion does some heavy lifting and would be a great alternative for hotter weather when a thick cream is just too much. It does contain fragrance, and has a light floral scent.

The pump dispenser makes it easy to control how much you use.

The whipped texture is light and sinks in quickly, which is great as my skin isn’t left feeling greasy.

Dewytree Camellia Extract Intensive Softener — In contrast to the white emulsion is a clear, more liquid softener. This feels almost like a serum-type toner or essence, and has the same floral scent as the emulsion. I would layer this on freshly cleansed skin before applying the emulsion.

It’s definitely more thin and would be a great toner.

Cat Hairband — An adorable fuzzy cat ear hairband. When you have a skincare routine that involves a lot of face washing and splashing, you NEED a good hairband to keep everything off your face!

Dewytree Camella Extract Sheet Mask x2 — It’s a facial sheet mask made using a material called microfiber sheet. It is a mask with a high moisturizing effect that fits closely to the face.

Instructions are helpfully provided in English as well as Korean.

Camellia Extract Cream — And to finish off our wonderful routine, we have the matching face cream. This is more similar to a night cream, as it’s thicker and definitely more potent. There isn’t as much of a scent with this, either.

The purpose of a heavier cream like this is to seal in moisture from your serums and products so that you don’t lose any during the day or night.

Marichan’s July box featured the Korean skincare brand Dewytree and sent six items altogether. The emulsion is probably my favourite but I’m so excited to try the sheet masks. I love that they sent a fun cat hairband to go along with our new skincare routine as well. For $40 and free shipping, it’s an amazing way to try popular products from Korea for far less than you’d spend shopping for each individual item.

What do you think of MarichanBox?

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