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Little World Builder is a monthly subscription box that sends educational themed world-building kits for kids. The box costs £18 (about $22) each month, and you can save when you go for 4 or 7-month plans, and thay also have a gift plan for £35 (about $42). Each month, you will receive a box that contains activities, crafts, and 3D puzzles that will teach the kids about world buildings and cultures. The box is perfect for kids ages 6 to 11. Examples of the great building projects are the Taj Mahal of India, Empire State Building of the United States, and other famous architectural wonders!

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This is a review of the Builder Kit.

The first box that you’ll receive is the Builder Kit, which is filled with all the tools and materials to prepare the kids for the next boxes.

When you open the box, there’s a note for the parents sitting atop of everything!

All the items are packaged and wrapped nicely with a yellow tissue paper, sealed with a sticker!

The letter welcomes the whole family to the Little World Builder! Also, the note explains a lot about the box, its goal to teach the kids about the history of buildings, and what other fun activities are in the box.

It also has the Builder Kit Box Guide that lists all the contents of the box.

The notecard also has some instructions to start your building journey!

Everything in my box!

Builder Toolbox. This toolbox is our organizer for all the materials in this month’s box and for the following boxes!

The yellow toolbox looks like a lunchbox! It also comes with a nice handle on the lid and a metal clasp that keeps it locked and all things inside safe.

When you open the box, there’s a Builder Toolbox Name Label Sticker, and a sticker with Hailey and Caesar that can be used to decorate the toolbox.

There’s also a divider tray. The bottom compartment is large enough to contain lots of items!

Postcard from Hailey and Caesar. Hailey and Caesar want to share their adventures with us, so they also sent a postcard!

They first introduced themselves in the letter and then told us how they started with their adventure. It’s really nice to know what inspired the siblings to start their adventure, and they promise to be back with another postcard to share on the next box! It also gave us a hint about the next box!

Hailey’s Building Note. Also, Hailey provided us with notes about the History of Buildings.

Aside from History, Hailey also showed us that there are other places that people build their homes like in the forest, mountain, and near bodies of water. She also showed us that there are also troubles and worries building houses, and how people can address them.

She even included notes about how building materials were invented.

Builder Activities Card. To get started, here’s an activity card that contains fun and educational stuff for us to do!

After learning so much about buildings with Hailey’s notes, it’s easier for my kids to finish these on-page activities.

Here’s a sample on-page activity, where need to know the name of the person who invented the lift by translating the signs!

Builder Scrapbook. This is another item that can also be used with the upcoming boxes. It is where we can keep some scrapbook pages and stickers, and keep an account for every building we’ll explore!

The pages of the scrapbook are held together by two ring binders.

World Map. It’s also important to keep track of the places that we’re going to explore, so here’s a World Map!

You can mark the building’s location from the subsequent boxes with the included stickers on the map!

This first box made us more excited for the following boxes, as it also gave us an idea of what great activities and explorations are coming! The postcard from Hailey and Caesar already gave us a hint that the building we’re going to make in the next box is from the United Kingdom, and we’re all thrilled! It’s nice to get the starter tools as they’ll ensure that the next projects will be done in a really organized manner, and that’ll make everything easier and fun! We’re excited about the building projects!

What do you think of this month’s Little World Builder box?

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