L.O.L. Surprise Box Fall 2019 Subscription Box Review

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L.O.L. Surprise Box is a quarterly subscription box for kids that contains 6-8 L.O.L. Surprise! goodies for kids to wear, use, and play with. Each box costs $38 per quarter. Every quarter, you can get apparel, accessories, dolls, toys, homewares, stationery items, and more. They are all custom-made and exclusive, and you can’t get them anywhere else. Also, every box comes with a randomly selected L.O.L. Surprise! doll, pet, or Lil Sister from an existing series.

The box looks fun!

You can find different L.O.L. Surprise! settings all around the box!

It’s like playing with paper dolls, L.O.L. Surprise version!

This is the Fall 2019 Surprise Box!

The interior of the box is filled with triangles.

The items came in surprise packs!

Everything in my box!

“Free Stylin'” Tee. Here’s Roller Sk8ter doing her thing on this nice sleeveless tee! She’s the cute ultra-rare baby from series 1!

Lightweight and breezy, this will be nice and comfy for everyday wear!

Hologram Tote Bag. The hologram tote features Diva, the fancy LOL doll from the glee club!

The character is inspired by the singer Lady Gaga!

The tote is really spacious, enough to fit a bunch of everyday essentials.

LOL Pets Surprise. Here’s a surprise ball from the box! It contains one of the pets of the Lil Sisters!

If you’re familiar with gachapons, or surprise eggs, it works exactly the same!

After removing the packaging, all that’s left to open is this yellow ball!

There are lots of stuff, still packaged neatly inside!

There are still four blind packs that we need to open! This is getting more and more exciting!

The ball looks like it will still have some use.

It even comes with a handle!

There’s this pink piece with adorable paw prints on it.

Here are the instructions on how to use or play with what’s in the surprise ball!

There are lots of pets that you can get from the surprise ball, and they are all listed on this leaflet.

Here are some of the pups that you can get!

We opened the pink stuff and found something that we need to break to get what’s inside.

It contains shoes, 2 pairs of blue and pink shoes!

So tiny!

You can put the clay-like material back on the pink vessel.

Here’s the next blind pack that we’re going to open!

It contains a light blue collar and a pair of white-rimmed eyeglasses!

The next blind pack is in black with blue paw prints!

It contains a small yellow shovel!

Here’s another blind pack, we wonder what’s inside… Is it another item or the pet that we’ve all been waiting for?

It’s a cute, mini-tumbler!

Here’s the last blind pack, we’re positive that this will contain the pet because of its size!

Yes! It’s Hop Hop!

Hop Hop has gray fur with a pink nose and tail. She has pastel blue bangs, and she’s wearing two buns in pink and yellow.

She is also from the Cosplay Club!

Here’s everything from the surprise ball!

We attached all the accessories we got to the small figure, like the white-rimmed glasses, blue and pink sandals, and light blue collar with a blue seashell accent.

Hop Hop looks so adorable!

Her tumbler is in line with the colors of her hair, sandals, and even her nose and tail!

She can drink from her tumbler too, but you need to take off her eyeglasses first.

We’re so happy to get this cute pet of Bon Bon and Lil Bon Bon!

Tumbler. Here’s another blind pack that we’re really excited to open! This time, the surprise bag is in hot pink!

It contains a cute purple tumbler, with a blue straw!

It features Baby Next Door and her pet, Puppy Next Door!

Keychain. This one is smaller compared to the other blind packs, but we all know that it’s another adorable item!

It’s a keychain that features Pink Baby! She is a popular tot from the Retro Club!

Notebook. Here’s another blind pack and it’s quite small as well.

It contains a notebook featuring Go-Go Girl and her pet Go-Go Birdie!

The notebook is as sparkly and retro-looking as Go-Go Girl! They’re both inspired from the fashion of the 60s.

It even comes with an equally shiny bookmark. The pages of the notebook are all lined for neat writing.

Wallet. Last but not least, here’s a blind pack that is heavier and thicker as compared to the others!

It’s a pink wallet with most of the L.O.L. characters printed on it, along with their pets!

It even comes with a L.O.L. Surprise! chain!

The wallet has a zipper enclosure, and it is divided into 2 compartments inside.

It even comes with a handle attached to the zipper. It can contain small items like clips, a comb, spare change, and other small trinkets.

It’s our first L.O.L. Surprise box and it’s amazing! The box is jampacked and full of amazing and adorable stuff! Everything is useful as well, and not just intended for play. I can say that it’s an all-around box as it contains apparel, accessories, toys, stationery items, and even homeware! We love that everything’s a surprise as they’re all packed inside blind packs. It adds more excitement and anticipation to all of us who are unboxing! Our favorite is definitely the surprise ball with a pet inside. We also love the tee and the wallet, and of course, the tumbler! This is definitely a quarterly box that we’ll be looking forward to, and we all know that there are more cute and fun items that are coming our way!

This box is already sold out – but the fall box is on the way! It’s going to be soooo cute!

Are you getting L.O.L. Surprise Box?

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