Japan Crate September 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Japan Crate is a monthly subscription box that helps you “experience the excitement of Japan every month through fun candy & snacks.” They have three subscription levels that start at $12 a month and offer 1, 3, 6, or 12-month plans that auto-renew at the end of the term. Japan Crate aims to send candy that is fun and exclusively available in Japan.

This is a review of the Premium box!

DEAL: Save $3 on your first regular or premium crate with coupon code HELLO.

This month, the snacks came in a black box instead of a bright red box.

There are LOTS of snacks in this box!

We also received an exclusive scratch card in celebration of Japan Crate’s fifth year!

We won a $3 gift card to Sugoi Mart!

The box also includes an information booklet.

Featured at the back of the booklet are the different selfies of subscribers with their Japan Crate box. Upload your own selfie and tag #JAPANCRATE for a chance to be featured on the next month’s issue!

Inside the booklet is a chart of contents that lists all the snacks from three different box sizes. There are 3 different subscription levels available: The Mini includes 5 items, the Original includes those items PLUS another 5 items, and the Premium includes those 10 items PLUS another 5 items.

The tiers are cumulative, so our Premium Box has everything on the page!

This booklet also includes food and cultural info about Japan.

The bottom of the box even features cute manga-inspired illustrations!

Everything in my September 2019 box!

Uni Potato Chips. Sea urchin is a favorite in Japan, but an acquired taste for some. We’re finally getting to taste it for ourselves, at least through this sea urchin-flavored potato chips snack. It’s a bit sweet and a bit salty, but not overwhelming on the palate. The chips are also light, thin, and crunchy, definitely a delight to munch on.

Pokemon Apple Gum. This Pokemon-themed gum is bursting with a juicy green apple flavor. It’s so tasty, chewy and, most importantly, long-lasting. Pikachu is featured on the wrapper and it’s so cute!

Koguma Gummy. It’s a pack of fruity gummy bear candies! Each piece was soft, sweet, and chewy, so they were a hit with my kids. These gummies didn’t stick on our teeth either.

Roll Cake Butter Cream. The cream at the center is what makes this roll cake really special. It’s sweet, with a custard-like taste and mouthfeel. It’s moist and filling, and also a perfect pair with coffee or tea for a breakfast snack.

Cool Cider Mochi. These are probably the most refreshing mochi we’ve ever tasted! The bite-sized treats are flavored with soda and mint, which spreads coolness in your mouth with every chew. They even come with a stick that you can use to pick them up!

Feel Aloha: Mango & Butter Potato Chips. We got another pack of potato chips in our box, and this time it comes with a well-balanced blend of mango and butter flavor. These are nothing like other chips we’ve tasted before, the fruitiness and sweetness of mango mixed with butter is just too good!

Metamol Seal. This fun pack includes temporary tattoo stickers and candy. Our included a variety of colorful poop stickers and pellet-sized cherry-flavored candies!

Red Gaburichu. It’s a long straw-shaped chewing candy that is similar to gum except that it disappears after a few minutes. This candy also comes with invigorating fuji apple flavor. So yummy!

Hoshinokuni Mitsuketa Candy. This next treat is a traditional Japanese sweet that features a bright colorful and smooth texture with a taste similar to rock candy!

Sour Cider Gummy. Here’s another gummy treat, a soda-shaped and flavored gummy candy showered with sour sugar. It’s refreshing and easy to chew on!

Mochi Mochi Choco Mint. This treat features a scrumptious mix of truffle chocolate and mint cream filling in a traditional Japanese mochi. We got two packs of bite-sized mochi, with each pack containing 4 pieces. They also included a wooden stick so we can eat them conveniently!

Grape Hi-Chew Chocoball. As soon as I popped one of these treats in my mouth, the delicious grape flavor came through and I just couldn’t stop chewing, I almost finished the pack in one sitting! It’s that good!

Chocoball Hi-Chew. Here’s another Hi-chew treat in our box, and this time it features a delightful chocolate flavor. It’s a soft and chewy candy with a burst of sweet chocolaty flavor. They’re individually wrapped so they’re easy to share.

Peach Sour Paper Candy. It’s a thin strip of candy with a rough texture and a sweet peach flavor. Despite its thinness, it’s packed with so much flavor!

Super Hyarrinko Ice Gum. This bubble gum provides a cooling sensation on your mouth that lasts a long time. It’s the perfect gum for a hot day or simply when you need a pick-me-up!

Electric Gum. This sweet gum is also a perfect pick-me-up to beat the afternoon slump. It’s an energy drink-flavored gum so it’s a bit strong, and the best thing is that the flavor lasted a long time.

Pepsi J Cola: Pineapple. This limited edition version of Pepsi Cola is made special by a juicy pineapple flavor. It became more refreshing and sweet, with just a hint of sourness.

Frozen Strawberry Cheesecake Kit Kat. We got this limited edition Kitkat as a bonus for the Premium Box! These are made with their trademark luscious white chocolate mixed with strawberry cheesecake flavor. Each pack contains 13 individually-wrapped wafers, perfect sharing for the whole family. According to them, these treats are best eaten frozen, like a strawberry cheesecake ice cream bar!

We’re always happy whenever this box arrives because it means we have new treats to try! Their selection is always a combination of familiar and unique treats, plus the number of goodies is good enough to share with family and friends. They even include a drink in the Premium box, enough to wash down all the snacks you’ve just tried. Whether you’re a fan of Japanese snacks or you’re just feeling adventurous and you want to try snacks you’ve never seen before, this box is for you! If you think it’s too big for you, you can also start out by trying the Mini box or the Original box!

What item do you want to try from this month’s Japan Crate? Let me know in the comments!


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